Importance of a Sinus Lift before Carrying Out a Dental Implant

Dental implants are a popular and reliable way of replacing lost teeth and here’s why. 

The tooth implants will take place of the natural teeth giving you a good look and it takes up the functionality of your natural teeth. Since the dental implant is carried out by lodging it into the jawbone of the mouth of the patient, it is secure and durable as compared to the other forms of teeth replacement.

For the dental implant to be carried out successfully, there are a number of factors which need to be considered. The jawbone must be strong to support the height and weight or the overall density of the implant. If it happens that the jawbone is not strong enough to support the implant, there will be future complications.

When carrying out a consultation on dental implants price, it is important to make sure that the jawbone has remained strong. A sinus lift can be carried out for the patients who have a big sinus cavity to help them receive the dental implant.

When Do You Need Sinus Lift?

There are several reasons that may require or necessitate the use of a sinus lift as mentioned below:

  1. When the sinus is bigger than normal which means that there will be no enough bone between the sinus cavity and the upper jaw of the mouth.
  2. When the density of the bone is not strong enough to offer support to the dental implants being carried out which in most cases leads to the loss of bones after the loss of teeth.

In either of the above cases, carrying out a dental implant without a sinus lift will often lead to a lot of health complications. For instance, the dental implant carried out can go through the jawbone and get into the sinus cavity. If that happens, the implant will become loose or in extreme cases, it can lead to the infection of the sinus.

How is the Sinus Lift Performed?

The surgeon begins by removing the gum tissues from the molar or the premolar where the dental implant will be carried out. The jawbone will be cut out carefully to expose the sinus membrane. Once they have carried out this, they will push the sinus membrane to the upper side to create a void. This void will be created between the sinus cavity and also the upper jawbone.

In most cases, the size of the void will depend on the bone structure. Once the void has been created the surgeon will then place something that looks like a bone into the void. The gum tissues will then be stitched together to allow your bone to heal well and it can take from 4-9 months.

What are the Risks?

Just like any other type of surgery, there are risks associated with a sinus lift. The main risk is that the sinus membrane will be will become torn and if it is not well taken care of, it can lead to an infection.

Dental implants have become a common way of replacing one’s teeth. Procedures such as the sinus lift can now help people to receive a dental implant.

Things You Need To Know About Dental Implant in Melbourne

Dental implant is a procedure, which replaces your tooth roots using fixture, abutment & prosthesis to restore your missing tooth with the artificial teeth. Such teeth will function and looks like your real one. Dental implant surgery will be performed depending on the type of implant you need and the health condition of your jawbone. The main benefit of having dental implants in Melbourne is, they give substantial support to your new teeth and save you from bone loss. Here in this article, let’s discuss about dental implant:

Purpose of Dental Implant

The purpose of dental implant surgery, are

  • To Avoid Missing or damaged teeth
  • Facilitate Jawbone to reach full growth
  • To have healthy oral tissues
  • Alternative to wear dentures
  • Improve your appearance and speech

How to get prepared

Before dental implant surgery, it’s must to be prepared for the process, which includes

  1. Comprehensive dental exam
  2. Treatment plan

Comprehensive Dental Exam

  • The first thing you may have to do is dental X-rays. This helps to identify, how deeply your roots and teeth are affected.
  • The models are made of your teeth and mouth.

Treatment Plan

  • According to the condition of your jawbone and number of implants, the plan of the treatment will be discussed. Especially, they will discuss the cost of the dental implant.

Before you start the procedure, tell about the medical conditions of your teeth to the dentist. If you are allergic to anything or have any heart problem, don’t forget to mention it. They will take extra care of you during the procedure and avoid the things that are allergic to you. Also, ask the list of foods and drinks that you have to eat before and after your surgery.

After discussing about the dental implant in Melbourne, the dentist will take the impression of the teeth that you need to replace.

The procedure of Dental Implant in Steps:

Step1: Tooth extraction

The dentist will inject anaesthesia on the surrounding area of the tooth, after which the tooth will be extracted and new implant will be placed. After that, the dentist will extract the damaged tooth from your mouth.

Step2: Implant

Once the tooth is extracted, your dentist will insert the implant by drilling hole in your jawbone. This artificial root is fixed to support the new teeth.

Step3: Abutment Placement

After your jawbone heals, it will fit tightly with the dental implant and start to function like an original tooth. But the thing is, it takes weeks to recover completely. Once the implant is stable, an abutment is fixed over the implant.

Step4: Permanent Crown

At last, the crown is attached over the abutment, which resembles and function like an original tooth. You’re done!

Wrapping Up

Do more research and find the right dentist who is specialised in tooth implants in Melbourne. Their dental implant surgery will leave you with a fine looking and functional tooth.

Tips To Cover the Cost of Dental Implants in Melbourne

Dental implants have become the most popular treatment in today’s world among the people who need to give a permanent solution for dental problems. The good news is the cost of dental implants in Melbourne is less compared to what was in 2017, but in some parts of the country, the cost of the dental implant can be relatively expensive. Here are some strategies in this blog that can help to cover the costs of your implant treatments.

Variety of methods which helps you in paying less for the dental implants

  • Get a dental insurance plan
  • Use financing methods like care credit
  • Negotiate with dental providers

Get a Dental Insurance Plan

Get a dental insurance plan with coverage for your dental implants. The first thing you have to consider paying for your dental implant is the dental insurance plan. Applying dental insurance plan for your dental implant is the first piece of the puzzle, because it can reduce your cost of service you spend for your dental implant. It helps to feel the full benefits of the dental implant without any stress. Research says, above 30% money will get reduced than the normal retail rates by implementing dental insurance plan.

So, to get the affordable dental implants in Melbourne, choose the one, who accept dental insurance plan.

Use Financing Methods like Care Credit

Another great way to lessen the cost of dental implants in Melbourne is using the financing methods like care credit for your dental implant treatments. After applying the right dental insurance plan, you can control your expenses for your dental treatment and the medical services. It acts as the best financing solution, to borrow money like normal credit cards. So, it’s another best idea to finance the entire amount and reduce the flow of money from your pocket.

Negotiate with dental providers

Negotiate with dental providers to diminish the dental implants cost in Melbourne directly. Talk with dentists before you book an appointment for your treatment. Some experienced dentists will work with the patient and give flexible options to them, so don’t shy or fear to ask them.

Bottom Line

Hope these tips will help to cover the cost of your dental implant surgery. The only thing you have to do is “proper research”; such dentist will give you long-lasting dental health and a healthy smile at affordable prices.