Dental Implant FAQ

Is Getting High Quality Dental Implant in Melbourne Now Affordable?

Yes! We use only high quality dental implants in Melbourne from world-renowned artificial implant manufacturers such as MIS, Straumann, and Ankilos, just to name a few. We can offer you competitive and affordable prices that you might not be able to find anywhere else in Melbourne or the whole of Australia!

Compare: Dental Implant Overseas Vs. Dental Implant Cost Melbourne

Many Australians are opting to get overseas dental implant procedure because there is an existing perception that it is lower in price. In reality, the costs of some dental implant treatments in Melbourne are just as affordable as the ones performed overseas without the risks associated with dental tourism. To know more, click here

Are Dental Implants Approved?

Absolutely! All dental implants are manufactured from safe, biocompatible materials. Titanium implants are inert and are not known to cause any type of rejection phenomenon. All implant devices, dental as well as medical, are regulated by agencies of the federal government.

Should I Opt for Dental Implant Overseas?

Consulting an experienced dental implant specialist in Melbourne is advisable than going for overseas. All Australian dental implant clinics and practitioners adhere to the strict health and safety codes that are governed by the Australian Dental Board.
In other words, you can be absolutely sure that you are getting only the best services possible without having to worry about any unethical practices that might cause accidents. More importantly, you are legally protected by the law in the unlikely event that something goes wrong during the surgery.

How Do I Book My Initial Consultation with Dental Implant Professionals?

If you want to find out more about the costs of dental implants in Melbourne, contact us today! Call us @ 1300 320 881 or mail us @ to set up an appointment with one of our certified oral surgeons, and let’s have a chat about how we can further help you!

When Are Mini Implants A Good Choice?

Mini dental implants are shorter and thinner than traditional dental implants. They can be a good choice for patients who do not have sufficient bone density or mass to support traditional dental implants, and who are unable to undergo bone grafting surgery to build up the bone in the jaw.

Can My Body Reject A Dental Implant, And If So What Then?

Similar to organ transplants, it is possible that a patient’s body will reject the dental implant. In this case, the patient’s body see the dental implant as a foreign object that does not belong and pushes it out. Rejection of dental implants because of an allergy of titanium is too rare, but it can happen. On average, less than 1% of potential dental implant recipients reported an allergy to titanium.

How much does getting dental implant cost in Melbourne?

There is a very common perception that dental implants cost a lot more than other types of artificial tooth replacement. But it’s not at all true! The total price of Dental Implant in Melbourne costs $2850 and this includes the fee for surgery and the crown. This is relatively the lowest price compared to other surgeons offering dental implants in Australia.

I would like to get dental implant in Melbourne will it hurt?

Absolutely not! Most of the people getting dental implant in Melbourne experiences less discomfort than a tooth extraction. Undertaking dental implant procedures, headed by a team of experienced dentists and trained staffs makes the process quick and easier for you. At Dental Implant Professionals we employ dental implant procedures by providing conventional methods of anaesthesia as well as a variety of intravenous sedation anaesthesia options. So that you cannot feel any sort of discomforts.

Can you please tell me how long does a dental implant procedure take to complete?

Dental implant treatments involves different options ranging from immediate replacement of an extracted tooth to over six months when jaw surgery. In some cases bone grafting is also needed. The time period of the average treatment process take three to six months to complete. For complex cases, the treatment period will be longer.

I am a working professional and don’t want to show up with missed teeth. Will I be left without teeth anytime between the treatment processes?

For cases in which tooth removal and implant replacement is required, temporary teeth will be made prior to the removal of the existing teeth. Dentures or partials can be worn over the implants during the initial healing period while they mature.

List some benefits of getting dental implants in Melbourne over Thailand or any other countries?

Getting dental implant in Melbourne is more cost effective than opting for dental implants in overseas. Dental tourism overseas is generally to promote a few oral surgeons and choosing this might cost you more than dental implant in Australia. Some of the practitioners in overseas are not governed by rules and regulations in Australia and they don’t adhere to the strict health and safety codes that are upheld by the Australian Dental Association. So this may pose a major risk to your oral health.

What should I expect after the anaesthesia wears off?

Healing is quick and uneventful after an implant surgery and does not produce any major complications. There might be a few minor discomforts such as pain, bruising or swelling but they are temporary. It can generally be managed with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen or similar medication in prescription strength.

Why it is better to choose dental implants over bridges or flippers?

There are three main reasons to get dental implant procedures over bridges and flippers.

  • Flippers are removable whereas dental implants are permanent and screwed to gums which make them independent and strong.
  • Dental implants look like natural teeth.
  • Dental implants are durable and are suitable for long-term use.

I’ve heard friend saying that his body is allergic to dental implant. Is it true and if so what is the reason?

Dental implant rejection happens because of an allergy to titanium. In some cases, implants do not fuse well to the bone for the first time and develops a capsule of fibrous tissue around it. But this doesn’t prevent you from getting implants. The tissue can be removed and the site is allowed to heal for a few minutes. Then your surgeon can place another implant which integrates with your jaw bone normally.

How to find out whether I am a good candidate for dental implants in Melbourne?

Good oral health and adequate bone in the jaw are the key requirements for getting a dental implant. If you lack anyone of the above you can’t undertake dental implant procedure. If you have a missing teeth or disease or decay, then you may be a good candidate for dental implant.

Is there any risks for getting dental implants?

Dental implant is a proven method and doesn’t involve any complex risks. For decade it has been proven to be safe and effective and is considered as the most predictable procedure in dentistry. Some mild complications include infection, pain, numbness or tingling.

How do I know dental implants are best for me?

If you have lost or missing teeth, then dental implants in Melbourne are the ideal option to provide you a more natural looking smile. The best way to identify whether you are suitable for dental implant procedures in Melbourne is to schedule an appointment with a dental implant expert. You must discuss the pre-existing dental conditions and health risks to your practitioners to come up with the right solution. The success rate of dental implants is possibly high if you are not a regular smoker, alcoholic or diabetic.

Who performs the dental implant procedure in Melbourne?

A dental implant expert with the sufficient training and skill sets can perform your dental implant procedure in Melbourne. They should have years of experience accurately to assess your situation and custom design a personalized treatment plan that is solely dedicated for you. The dentist restoring the case should co-ordinate the treatment plan in a very effective manner and should consult the treatment options with the patient prior to the placement.

Between the different steps of the implant procedure, will I be left without teeth?

Dentures or partials can be worn over the implants during the initial healing period. Before the removal of the existing teeth, temporary teeth can be made in cases where tooth removal and implant replacement is required. These temporary teeth can be placed till your dental implants integrate with your natural bone.

Is there any treatment options available for failed dental implants?

Although dental implants have a very high success rate of 97% and above, implant complications and failures do occur in some cases. Some complications are relatively minor and can be corrected easily by a simple fix. There are two basic types of implant failure.

  • Early implant failure
  • Late implant failure

Early Implant Failure

Early implant failure is caused due to the interference in the healing process after implant placement. During the healing period, these implants will show progressive bone loss on radiographs. Mechanical debridement (plastic curettes), chemical detoxification with supersaturated solution of citric acid, antibiotics and guided bone regeneration therapy can be used to resolve this issue.

Late Implant Failure

Late implant failures result due to traumatic occlusion or occlusal overload. These are common in patients with bruxism or in patients where implant bridgework replaces quadrants or full arches of missing teeth. Consult with your dentist regarding the issue to come to the right conclusion.

I have full dentures. Will dental implants help me?

Obviously yes! Tooth implants in Melbourne are the most popular choices among people who wear full dentures. These implants provide retention and support for a removable implant over denture, and are fixed in place. Hence, implants eliminate the requirement for denture adhesives.

What are the advantages of dental implants over dentures?

Dental implants are the gold standard of tooth-replacement options in the dental industry. Dental implants won’t slip, slide, or fall out of your mouth during your everyday activities. Moreover, dental implants are placed in such a way that they last for many years and potentially for a lifetime. Unlike dentures, they are easy to clean, and you don’t have to remove them for cleaning. They help maintain bone density and protect nearby teeth from loosening in the future. Even though the dental implants cost in Melbourne is higher than dentures, they are worth considering.

How dental implants in Melbourne are placed on the jaw?

During a short surgical procedure, dental implants are inserted into the jawbone. Your dentist will make an incision into the gum tissue and drill a small hole. Once the hole is made, the implant post is screwed into the bone, and the gum is replaced over the implant and stitched back in position so the bone and gum can heal. Then, the surgical site is allowed to heal. The abutment is attached to the implant once the wound is healed, and this supports the replacement post. Once the implant is placed, the jawbone heals and fuses to the implant over several months.

Is there any remedy for failed implants?

The success rate of cheap dental implants in Melbourne is 95%, and to achieve this rate, it has to be planned thoroughly to make sure that the implants are inserted accurately to give the best aesthetic and functional results. This helps avoid any sinus cavities, nerves, and blood vessels.

In case, if there is an implant failure, you can save the implant by building up the bone & gum tissue surrounding it. But, for this, the implant must be removed and placed often, and then the area is left to heal. A new dental implant will be placed at a later date.

Is age a factor in getting dental implants?

Age is not a factor to have dental implants. Young people around the age of eighteen or twenty can have dental implants once their bones have stopped growing. Older people can have dental implants if they do not have any medical issues. But, it is important to know that the jawbone becomes weaker as teeth are lost, and the rate of recovery slows with age.

Are there any side effects associated with dental implants?

After getting dental implants in Melbourne, you will experience low levels of soreness and swelling after any invasive surgical procedure. Numbness or a tingling sensation, or possibly sharp pain can be experienced if the dental implant is placed incorrectly. If the pain and numbness continue for more than a couple of days, consult your implant dentist. If the implant is not settled down properly, the implant needs to be removed.

Side effects are very rare as risks are minimized through careful planning before surgery using x-rays and a CT scan, so any nerves and blood vessels are avoided while placing the implants.

What are the symptoms of dental implant rejection?

The common signs for dental implant failure are,

  • Loosening of the ‘false tooth/teeth’ that are held in place.
  • Inflammation or bleeding of the surrounding gum.
  • Bad taste or odour in mouth.
  • Abnormal pain in the surgical area.

What is the average cost for dental implants?

The total dental implants cost Melbourne is only $2850 for the surgery and the crown. Moreover, the Dental Implant Professionals use only the well-known and Australian approved brands in the process. It is very important for you to stay fully aware of the costs before committing yourself to a dental implants procedure. Call 1300 320 881 to get the details on the dental implants cost.

What is dental implant rejection?

Dental implants are designed to be a permanent replacement for a missing tooth or teeth and are a popular alternative to removable dentures or fixed bridges. If the person undergoing dental implant procedure has an allergy to titanium or insufficient jaw bone, rejection occurs. In these cases, the surgeon will remove the existing implants place another implant, which will integrate with the bone normally.

How painful is a dental implant?

Well, it depends on the pain tolerance of a person. However, most patients experience minimal discomfort immediately after the dental implants Melbourne. In reality most patients can easily resume back to their normal daily activities within 48 hours after the surgery. Also, the amount of pain depends on the type of procedure that you have undergone. If you had gone through a complicated procedure, you might experience mild pain after the procedure, with a little more recovery time.

What is the common restoration period for dental implants?

Based on the restoration needs, medical and dental histories, the condition of the jawbone, and the technique and materials that are used, the time taken to restore one or more teeth will differ. Multiple appointments are necessary for the most complex cases and to ensure a strong, sturdy and long-lasting smile that looks, feels, fits and functions over time like natural teeth.

How long does it take to recover from a dental implant?

There is no set exact recovery time that applies to the dental implants Melbourne procedure. Every surgery depends on the oral conditions of the patients, and the recovery time can be based on – the number of teeth you got extracted, if you received a single implant, multiple implants or a whole mouth implant, if the surgery involved any bone grafting process, if you had healthy bones for the implant process and finally it depends on the individual healing time.

Does dental implants are covered by insurance?

Many insurance plans cover only 10% of the total dental implant cost but provides more coverage for traditional methods like dentures. This is because, they categorise dental implants under a cosmetic procedure. However, there are few dental insurance providers who cover surgical costs based on the long-term health benefits over other treatment options.

How much does insurance pay for dental implants?

This is one of the most common questions asked by most patients who look for cheap dental implants Melbourne. When it is concerned with a private insurance company, it depends on the level of coverage. In case, if the insurance plan includes implants, it may cover a portion of the treatment cost. But it is important for the patients to note that most health insurance companies only cover a small portion of the treatment plan. But, how do you know what your insurance will cover? Discuss with our experts today and get to know more details. Call 1300 320 881 to get your appointment today!

What are the factors that influence the tooth implant cost in Melbourne?

Depending on the cost, coverage and complexity of the procedure, the tooth implant cost in Melbourne will vary. This includes,

  • Initial procedures such as x-rays and CT scans.
  • Brand, material and type of post, abutment and crown used.
  • Complexity of the surgery.
  • Number of implants to be placed.
  • Location
  • Specialisation of the dentist.
  • Professionals involved in the procedure.
  • Additional procedures like sinus elevation and bone grafting.

Do dental implants last forever?

The success of dental implants Melbourne depends on an individual’s oral health and habits. In a healthy individual who possesses a good oral hygiene, the dental implants are proven to be successful, with a success rate of above 90%. Just like the natural teeth, the dental implants are not prone to any dental diseases like – tooth decay. So, with a regular care, and professional cleaning, the life of the dental implants can be extended.

How frequently should I visit my dentist during a dental implant procedure?

Depending on the complexity of the case and patient’s individual circumstance, the number of visits required may vary. Two visits are enough for the most simple cases while for those implant cases which are more complicated takes over a couple of months to complete.

Will implants prevent bone loss?

The titanium posts of dental implants, gives physical support to your jaw bone and stimulates bone strength through chewing, implants keep your jaw healthy over time. Since implants replace the natural roots of missing teeth, they stop or significantly slow this process of bone loss and related changes in facial structure associated with premature aging.

How much will the dental implant treatment cost?

The dental implant cost in Melbourne will be determined by the number of implants that will be placed, the type of prosthesis recommended and your particular case. Based on the complexity of the procedure, it costs about $2850 including the fee for surgery and the crown in minimal.

What are the general risks involved in dental implant surgery?

Dental implants are the proven and safe dental technique to restore your beautiful smile. Complications from dental implant surgery are rare but, as with any medical procedure, there are risks. These risks include,

  • Infection
  • Damage to other teeth
  • Tooth roots
  • Sinus problems
  • Fractures
  • Nerve damage that can result in pain, numbness or tingling
  • Inability to complete the procedure due to inadequate jawbone
  • Implant failure

How much do Dental Implant Costs in Melbourne?

Dental Costs in Australia are usually very high incurring hardship to the general population that struggle to afford good Dental Health. At Dental Implant Melbourne, we offer high quality dental implant service at $2850 including the fee for surgery and the crown. The minimal cost for dental implant surgery is $1500 and the implant crown costs only $1350.

Is It Worth Paying The Costs Of Dental Implants?

The total price of Dental Implant Cost in Melbourne is $2850 which includes the surgery and the crown with us! All using well-known brands and Australian approved.

Who Should Perform The Procedure?

It is essential to choose a dental implant expert with the training, skills and experience to assess your situation and custom design a personalized treatment plan just for you.

When you make an appointment to meet a specialist at our dental implant clinic in Melbourne, you will be taken through a step-by-step process where you will get a better understanding of how the dental implant procedure is conducted. During your first consultation with us, our dental implant specialist will proceed with an in-depth examination to determine how the treatment should be done. Rest assured that when you are with us, we only have your best interest in mind and we will conduct the surgery with absolute care so that you have a pain-free dental implant experience.

Is Getting Dental Implant in Melbourne Over Expensive?

This treatment has high upfront costs; however when this is measured against the long-term success rate, and compared with alternative treatments, dental implant cost in Melbourne is usually viewed as economically reasonable in the long-term. We at Dental Implant Professionals strive to make dental implants as cost effective as possible for everyone, so that you can get a fair chance at obtaining the beautiful smile and function that you have always wanted.