Key Factors That Influence the Cost of Dental Implants

cost of dental implantsDental implants are the most efficient way to replace a missing or broken tooth. But, when it comes to biggest decisions in life, one question stands out from the rest – how much will it cost? Apparently, dental implants are one of those biggest choices, as they involve a surgical procedure, stay with you for the rest of your life, and especially, it requires a considerable investment. However, determining the cost of dental implants is equally complex because it depends on various factors.

Come on, let’s find out what are those factors that determine the dental implants cost.

Number of replacements

When it comes to the cost of dental implants, the number of implants you need is one of the significant factors that affect the treatment cost. The price for replacing several teeth can be more than replacing a single tooth.

The Implant is the significant component that actually replaces the tooth root that is missing. It is basically anchored inside the gum, and it acts as the root of for the new replacement tooth. The implant is made of biocompatible material that naturally fuses with your jawbone and forms a sturdy foundation to hold the crown, bridge or denture in place.

So, if you are getting a single implant, you will pay less than the patient who is getting two or more.

Quality and type of restoration

The quality of the implant and the type of restoration you choose are the other factors that will greatly impact the cost. Yes, for example, a complete set of dentures will cost more than a partial bridge. Besides, the quality factor also you have to consider, as the more quality you need, the more you have to pay. However, choosing the quality implant will last longer than the low cost one. Plus, there are also other prices associated with the different high-performance acrylics and dental porcelains.

Additional procedures

Though dental implants are the most efficient ways to replace a missing tooth, one should be qualified for getting dental implants. So sometimes an additional procedure may be required before to get the implants.

Bone grafting

Bone grafting procedure is done to add mass and secure the implant post. Bone quality is very essential to get dental implants. If you don’t have enough bone, getting this procedure done can reduce the risk of further bone loss and failure of implants.

Teeth extractions

If you have a decayed tooth or an unhealthy tooth, then it will be pulled out to get implant supported dentures.

Periodontal therapy

The more healthy your mouth, the greater the success rate of the implant procedure. Gum disease will lead to implant failure. If gum disease is present, it must be treated before the procedure.

These are the key factor that impacts the affordable dental implants. Speak with your dentist and find out your options.

Why A Dentist May Suggest Bone Graft Before Dental Implants?

Dental ImplantsMissing teeth can make eating and speaking challenging and affects your confidence as well. If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants are an ideal solution. However, in order to qualify for the treatment, you must have sufficient jawbone to support the implant posts.

Yes, a strong jaw bone and a healthy lifestyle are the two essential things that are required for long-lasting dental implants. Unfortunately, the bone recession is the side effect of tooth loss, and this is why you should replace your missing teeth as early as possible. When you ignore missing teeth, it may lead to loss of jawbone that eventually increase the cost of dental implants in Melbourne by requiring additional procedure like bone graft.

To encourage new bone growth and supplement existing bone, your dentist may suggest bone grafting for dental implants.

The revolution of dental implants

Gone are the days when there were only dentures and bridges for replacing a missing tooth. However, neither of the options is ideal. For bridges, the dentist will reshape adjacent healthy teeth which can affect their structural integrity. A removable denture provides different kinds of challenges like maintenance, slips while eating and speaking, and looks unsightly.

Today in dentistry, dental implants are considered to be as the gold standard for tooth replacement. As the affordable dental implants in Melbourne are inserted into the jawbone they create a strong foundation for holding bridges, dental crowns, and dentures. Plus, the functional and aesthetic benefits that come with replacing missing teeth, tooth implants preserves jawbone and keep them healthy.

Even though restorations are placed in the future, dental implants are designed to provide lifetime support.

When is bone graft recommended?

The dentist or oral surgeon will recommend a bone graft after tooth loss. When your smile is healthy, the roots of the teeth stimulate the jawbone. Without natural stimulation, the bone begins to shrink. Bone recession results in more widespread tooth loss and changes your facial structure.

Do not worry if you do not have enough jawbones for getting dental implants. Yes, thanks to bone grafting! Healthy patients will qualify for dental implants after bone grafting treatment.

Bone graft is performed in preparation for dental implant surgery. This additional procedure price also affects the overall dental implants cost in Melbourne. If you suffer bone loss, there are higher chances of implant failure. By construing the diminished area of your jaw, you can increase the likelihood of successful treatment.

Bone grafting is a common procedure performed by administering anaesthesia. You can also choose sedation options like nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV to help you relax and all are safe and reliable choices. It will usually take six to nine months for your jaw to heal completely. Later on, you will receive affordable dental implants in Melbourne.

Bone grafting helps patients to receive dental implants and make them last longer. So, if your dentist suggests bone grafting, do not ignore.

A Guide to Dental Implants Cost in Melbourne

dental Implant cost MelbourneDoes your dentist suggest you to replace your missing teeth with dental implants, but you are worried about the dental implants cost in Melbourne? Well, while dental implants seem to be higher, it offers incredible benefits which are not found in other teeth restorative options like dentures and bridges.

Dental implants are renowned for being the only teeth restorative option that gives a permanent solution for missing teeth. People who have opted for dental implants stated that they look natural, feel natural and work like a natural tooth.

In dentistry, dental implants are considered to be one of the most advanced treatments for missing teeth. Advancements in technology have made this procedure affordable to everyone.

There are certain factors that affect the overall cost of dental implants. Understanding these factors will help you understand what are the costs are involved in the dental implant procedure.

What are the factors that influence the dental implants costs in Melbourne?

The following are the factors that affect the dental costs. You may be affected by one or more of these conditions which will result in different costs for each person.

The Number of implants:

If you need a single dental implant, you may pay less. But, if you need multiple implants, you may require additional surgery and preparations. Discuss with your oral surgeon to get affordable dental implants in Melbourne.

One or two stage implant:

Dental implants can be done in one or two stages depending on an individual’s requirement. If it is a one stage treatment, the screw will be surgically inserted, and when the surgical site heals, the new prosthetic tooth will be mounted.

In two-stage treatment, the implant is made and then stitched over for complete healing. It will be later accessed in a second surgery when the abutment is inserted. It is usually done for people who need an additional procedure like bone grafting.

Bone graft:

You may need jaw reconstruction if you have do not have enough jaw bone to place the implant. In such case, you may need additional surgery. This additional treatment will affect the overall cost of dental implant in Melbourne.


Titanium is the most common material used for implants. It is more comfortable and a biocompatible material that does not cause any side effects. However, a zircon based implant is also available, and it is relatively less when compared to the cost of titanium. But, the results may not be like titanium material. The material cost will also be added to the dental implants cost Melbourne.

Pre-surgery testing:

In order to check whether you are the right candidate for getting dental implants, you may need to undergo several tests like scans and screening before receiving an implant. These costs are also added.

When you are trying to decide whether to get dental implants or not, do not ignore due to the price. It is the only permanent solution for missing teeth that has got high success rate. Go on, don’t worry about the price. Just think about the long-term benefits.

Tips To Cover the Cost of Dental Implants in Melbourne

Dental implants have become the most popular treatment in today’s world among the people who need to give a permanent solution for dental problems. The good news is the cost of dental implants in Melbourne is less compared to what was in 2017, but in some parts of the country, the cost of the dental implant can be relatively expensive. Here are some strategies in this blog that can help to cover the costs of your implant treatments.

Variety of methods which helps you in paying less for the dental implants

  • Get a dental insurance plan
  • Use financing methods like care credit
  • Negotiate with dental providers

Get a Dental Insurance Plan

Get a dental insurance plan with coverage for your dental implants. The first thing you have to consider paying for your dental implant is the dental insurance plan. Applying dental insurance plan for your dental implant is the first piece of the puzzle, because it can reduce your cost of service you spend for your dental implant. It helps to feel the full benefits of the dental implant without any stress. Research says, above 30% money will get reduced than the normal retail rates by implementing dental insurance plan.

So, to get the affordable dental implants in Melbourne, choose the one, who accept dental insurance plan.

Use Financing Methods like Care Credit

Another great way to lessen the cost of dental implants in Melbourne is using the financing methods like care credit for your dental implant treatments. After applying the right dental insurance plan, you can control your expenses for your dental treatment and the medical services. It acts as the best financing solution, to borrow money like normal credit cards. So, it’s another best idea to finance the entire amount and reduce the flow of money from your pocket.

Negotiate with dental providers

Negotiate with dental providers to diminish the dental implants cost in Melbourne directly. Talk with dentists before you book an appointment for your treatment. Some experienced dentists will work with the patient and give flexible options to them, so don’t shy or fear to ask them.

Bottom Line

Hope these tips will help to cover the cost of your dental implant surgery. The only thing you have to do is “proper research”; such dentist will give you long-lasting dental health and a healthy smile at affordable prices.

Dental Implants – The Secret to Smiling With Confidence Again!

dental impantsHave you lost a tooth and hiding your smile? Do not worry! You can get your flashy smile back. Yes! with all the advancements in implant dentistry, it is possible to restore your smile!

Dental implants can help replace your missing tooth, and you can smile confidently. With dental implants, there is no unnecessary pain, expense or hassle, just great results.

Ever since their introduction, dental implants have become an established treatment modality which has revolutionised the concept of replacing missing teeth.

What are dental implants?

The Dental implant cost in Melbourne is affordable and is a titanium post that replaces the root of a tooth. Tooth implants provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth that are customised to match your natural teeth.

Implants are remarkable because they serve as a strong foundation for replacement teeth. Since the titanium post is biocompatible, they naturally fuse with the jawbone and permanently hold it in place.

What is the cost of dental implant?

The following are the four factors that determine the cost of dental implants Melbourne:

  • The Number of teeth that need to be replaced:
  • How many teeth do you need to replace with dental implants? Replacing single tooth with dental implants is lesser than replacing missing teeth.

  • The position of the missing teeth:
  • The location of the missing teeth also influences the cost of dental implants because the tooth restoration of the canines, incisors and premolars can be expensive than molars in front teeth.

  • The type of dental restoration you need:
  • Whether you need a single implant and crown or an implant-supported bridge or planning to have a partial or full denture supported by dental implants, all types of restorations need different procedures and materials. All these restorations affect the total treatment cost of dental implants in Melbourne.

  • Additional procedure:
  • If your jawbone does not have an adequate structural density to support the replacement of dental implants, you may need a bone grafting. Along with bone grafting, the dentist may recommend removal of decayed or infected teeth.

    These are all the factors that affect the cost of dental implants treatments. If you want to have affordable dental implants in Melbourne, speak with your dentist regarding payment plans. Payment plans are introduced to make the dental implants accessible for all.

Why dental implants?

  • Most of the patients who replaced their missing tooth with dental implants love the implants because of their improved appearance, function, comfort and health. You never have to hide your smile. With dental implants, you can smile, speak and eat confidently without the fear of a denture popping out.
  • Overall quality of your life is enhanced with dental implants that look, feel and function like your natural teeth.
  • You can live longer because dental implants allow you to eat any food which you like. There are no food restrictions. Yes, fresh vegetables, corn, fruits and steaks are back on the menu!
  • Since the crown is securely attached with the implant, there is no need for messy implants dentures adhesives.

Top Factors That Influence Dental Implant Cost- And What You Need To Know

Research says, about 45% of people avoid their implant treatment after knowing the cost of the treatment. Now the average cost of dental implant in Melbourne is $2850 which includes surgery and crown. Here in this blog let me tell you the factors that influence the cost of dental implant treatment:
Top 5 Factors

  • Dental implant material quality
  • Dentist location
  • Implant system/brand used
  • Number of implants

Dental Implant Material Quality

Generally, dental implant is composed of 3 parts, they are; implant, abutment, crown.

For the titanium screw part, it has different size and type. Every type of the titanium screw has different price variation and the level of cost is comparatively more.

In case of crown, the material use for crown is expensive and it affects the total cost. Resin is the good example of that. The most affordable crown is made of resin, ceramic and porcelain, which are all rich in quality, but the thing is these products are cost relatively higher than the local product.

Dentist Location

Yes, choosing the right location for your dental surgery will save not only your teeth but also bring the good appearance, but it might be higher than an ordinary one.

But in some case; some dentist who are in a city (crowded area) where the cost of living is high will charge more.
Implant system/brand used

Did you know? Going for the most trusted implant brands will increase the cost, but the thing is it leads to a successful treatment. So be alert and visit the one who provides trustworthy treatment and without creating an allergic reaction or being rejected by the body.

Number of implants

The cost of dental implant usually depends on the number of implants that you need to go far. Dental implants cost in Melbourne for:

  • Single tooth vary between $1500 and $7000.
  • Multiple Teeth vary from $3000 and can go as high as $12000.

Final Recap

Hope you understand the point what I said. To get the best and successful treatment, contact the dentist who are well experienced and don’t let cost stand in your way.


  • Spend your money to get your dream, but don’t get cheated.
  • Dental Implant is the lifetime solution so choose the one who prefect the perfect solution.
  • Please keep in mind your dentist’s experience and expertise is more important than the financial aspect, because it’s your health and appearance.

Is Implant Dentistry Worth for Cost?

dental-implants-melbourne-costDental implants are more expensive than any other alternatives for replacing a missing tooth. The cost may vary depending on many factors including the type of implantation, the material used for the dental implant, the dentist who performs the surgery procedure and the location where the implant placement surgery is performed. But, where shall we find the highly trained dentist to perform the great majority of all dental treatments?

Of course, no other thoughts or options, our dental specialist team offers you the high quality dental implant with lowest price. The cost of dental implant in Melbourne is affordable!

Though there are many restorative options for replacing missing teeth, none has proven as effective and durable as dental implants. Dental implants are cost worthy and last for years if perfectly maintained.

Success rates of dental implants

Dental implants are one among the most successful procedures in dentistry. Studies have shown that a five-year success rate of 96 percent for lower jaw implants and 91 percent for upper jaw implants. The success rate of upper jaw is slightly lower than the lower jaw because of its less density.

What contributes to the dental implant failure?

Dental implant failure is uncommon, in fact here are number of key reasons why dental implants fail.

  • Presence of tooth decay or gum disease
  • Smoking
  • Pre-existing medical conditions

In adults, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. Dental implant may break the site if they are placed in a poor position or if the place may become infected or if the crown restoration on the top of the implant may become loose. Poor oral hygiene can lead you to the formation of gum disease around the dental implants, which also results in the failure of dental implants

Smoking is one of the largest contributors of dental implant failures. Many dentist and oral surgeons refuse to treat smokers because of the high dental implant failure rate. The patients who smoke are instructed to stop smoking a week before treatment and asked to wait for at least two weeks after surgery. If smoking persists, it has the potential to cause gum inflammation which leads the implant to fail.

Health conditions that are not controlled properly like diabetes, heart disease and etc. can cause inflammation and prevent you from healing the wound of dental implant surgery and increases the risk of periodontal disease.

What contributes to the dental implant success?

The success rate of dental implant depends on both the patient and the surgeon. Good oral hygiene, healthy jaw, healthy gums and a healthy body are the important contributors of the successful dental implant treatment.

With good guidance from your implant dentist, the lifespan of your dental implant increase. They instruct you how to take care of you newly replaced teeth, just like your natural teeth.

Thus, the tooth implant cost in Melbourne worth enough to enhance good oral health and achieving high popularity among millions of people as a standard treatment for tooth replacement.