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  • Dental Implants Periodontist in Melbourne can be very expensive but Dr Pinho is a registered Australian dental surgeon with a long reputation for affordable high quality surgery
  • Dr Pinho is a member of the Australian Dental Association
  • Dr Pinho has placed over 3,500 Dental Implants in the past 15 years
  • We use only Australian-approved high-quality dental implants
  • All of our Crowns are Made in Australia and come with 5 Years Warranty
  • We will discuss all the options and benefits of each material and company
  • No Hidden Costs
All our dental Implants are placed through the Dental Implant Professionals service. That gives all our clients assurance of a good quality treatment for what is possibly the lowest price in Australia

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Dental Implant Treatment Made Easy

When you make an appointment to meet a specialist at our dental implant clinic in Melbourne, you will be taken through a step-by-step process where you will get a better understanding of how the dental implant procedure is conducted. During your first consultation with us, our dental implant specialist will proceed with an in-depth examination to determine how the treatment should be done. Rest assured that when you are with us, we only have your best interest in mind and we will conduct the surgery with absolute care so that you have a pain-free dental implant experience.

Dental Implants Cost in Melbourne

Total Price $2,850 (including surgery + crown)

Located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD on Collins Street, Dental Implant Professionals are the leading tooth implant specialists. Our highly experienced and skilled surgeons apply only the latest prosthodontics treatments and technology to help you regain the natural beauty of your smile.

We go to great lengths to ensure that you are happy with the results of your dental implant treatment, so that you can feel more confident and secure about yourself without feeling conscious about your missing tooth/teeth.

Dental implants don’t only aesthetically fill in the gaps, but they also help to reduce the chances of oral diseases. Instead of getting dentures to replace the tooth that you have lost, a dental implant can be a better long-term option. Because it looks more natural, blends in well with the rest of your teeth so that you don’t feel uncomfortable, and most importantly, it won’t slip out when you are eating or chewing on food.

General Dental Practitioners & Dental Specialists

There are clinics trying to enforce the need or benefits to always see a specialist for every single case stating phrases like “compare Apples with Apples” or other strategies. Going to see a specialist straightaway will usually incur on higher dental costs which obviously NOT ALWAYS needed. These websites can give the impression of been independent blogs but will always have links to their own clinics.

Registered Australian Dentists are highly trained to perform a great majority of all Dental Treatments including Dental Implants and Wisdom Teeth Removal. Many general dental practitioners also limit or restrict their practice to only one field like Dental Implants or Wisdom Teeth. These dentists can become extremely experienced and specialized in some specific fields and are capable to offer excellent treatment and value.

These professionals are well aware and capable to refer complex or more difficult cases to a Dental Specialist if needed. It is always better to see a general practitioner first then if necessary see or request a referral to see a specialist.

If referred, always ask yourself: Is this referral to an Independent Specialist with a good reputation and a good record or to a specialist providing the services at the same clinic where you are having your first consultation? Any indication that the specialist is working in the same clinic is possibly enough to become alert and ask the dentist to see another INDEPENDENT specialist.

Dental Costs in Australia are usually very high incurring hardship to the general population that struggle to afford good Dental Health.

Again it’s advisable to discuss all your options with the dentist first and if appropriate ask for a referral to see an Independent Specialist with his or her own clinic, not one that works in the same clinic.

We are very proud to present the members of our Team

All Highly Experienced Dental Surgeons working in their own specific fields.

General Dentistry Melbourne

Getting High Quality Dental Implant in Melbourne is now Affordable!

We use only high quality dental implants in Melbourne from world-renowned artificial implant manufacturers such as MIS, Straumann, and Ankilos, just to name a few. You may think that dental implants are expensive especially considering we only use top quality products. In reality, we can offer you competitive and affordable prices that you might not be able to find anywhere else in Melbourne or the whole of Australia!

On top of that, our dental implant experts are all members of the Australian Dental Association, and we will treat you with absolute care, respect and professionalism. So, you can trust that we have what it takes to help you make the decision to go ahead with dental implants. We aim to do only one thing for you…improve your quality of life so that you can go out into the world with absolute confidence.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriate qualified health practitioner.


What is the average cost for dental implants?

The total dental implants cost Melbourne is only $2850 for the surgery and the crown. Moreover, the Dental Implant Professionals use only the well-known and Australian approved brands in the process. It is very important for you to stay fully aware of the costs before committing yourself to a dental implants procedure. Call 1300 320 881 to get the details on the dental implants cost.

How painful is a dental implant?

Well, it depends on the pain tolerance of a person. However, most patients experience minimal discomfort immediately after the dental implants Melbourne. In reality most patients can easily resume back to their normal daily activities within 48 hours after the surgery. Also, the amount of pain depends on the type of procedure that you have undergone. If you had gone through a complicated procedure, you might experience mild pain after the procedure, with a little more recovery time.

How long does it take to recover from a dental implant?

There is no set exact recovery time that applies to the dental implants Melbourne procedure. Every surgery depends on the oral conditions of the patients, and the recovery time can be based on – the number of teeth you got extracted, if you received a single implant, multiple implants or a whole mouth implant, if the surgery involved any bone grafting process, if you had healthy bones for the implant process and finally it depends on the individual healing time.

How much does insurance pay for dental implants?

This is one of the most common questions asked by most patients who look for cheap dental implants Melbourne. When it is concerned with a private insurance company, it depends on the level of coverage. In case, if the insurance plan includes implants, it may cover a portion of the treatment cost. But it is important for the patients to note that most health insurance companies only cover a small portion of the treatment plan. But, how do you know what your insurance will cover? Discuss with our experts today and get to know more details. Call 1300 320 881 to get your appointment today!

Do dental implants last forever?

The success of dental implants Melbourne depends on an individual’s oral health and habits. In a healthy individual who possesses a good oral hygiene, the dental implants are proven to be successful, with a success rate of above 90%. Just like the natural teeth, the dental implants are not prone to any dental diseases like – tooth decay. So, with a regular care, and professional cleaning, the life of the dental implants can be extended.

What are the advantages of dental implants over dentures?

Dental implants are the gold standard of tooth-replacement options in the dental industry. Dental implants won’t slip, slide, or fall out of your mouth during your everyday activities. Moreover, dental implants are placed in such a way that they last for many years and potentially for a lifetime. Unlike dentures, they are easy to clean, and you don’t have to remove them for cleaning. They help maintain bone density and protect nearby teeth from loosening in the future. Even though the dental implants cost in Melbourne is higher than dentures, they are worth considering.

How dental implants in Melbourne are placed on the jaw?

During a short surgical procedure, dental implants are inserted into the jawbone. Your dentist will make an incision into the gum tissue and drill a small hole. Once the hole is made, the implant post is screwed into the bone, and the gum is replaced over the implant and stitched back in position so the bone and gum can heal. Then, the surgical site is allowed to heal. The abutment is attached to the implant once the wound is healed, and this supports the replacement post. Once the implant is placed, the jawbone heals and fuses to the implant over several months.

Is there any remedy for failed implants?

The success rate of cheap dental implants in Melbourne is 95%, and to achieve this rate, it has to be planned thoroughly to make sure that the implants are inserted accurately to give the best aesthetic and functional results. This helps avoid any sinus cavities, nerves, and blood vessels.

In case, if there is an implant failure, you can save the implant by building up the bone & gum tissue surrounding it. But, for this, the implant must be removed and placed often, and then the area is left to heal. A new dental implant will be placed at a later date.

Is age a factor in getting dental implants?

Age is not a factor to have dental implants. Young people around the age of eighteen or twenty can have dental implants once their bones have stopped growing. Older people can have dental implants if they do not have any medical issues. But, it is important to know that the jawbone becomes weaker as teeth are lost, and the rate of recovery slows with age.

Are there any side effects associated with dental implants?

After getting dental implants in Melbourne, you will experience low levels of soreness and swelling after any invasive surgical procedure. Numbness or a tingling sensation, or possibly sharp pain can be experienced if the dental implant is placed incorrectly. If the pain and numbness continue for more than a couple of days, consult your implant dentist. If the implant is not settled down properly, the implant needs to be removed.

Side effects are very rare as risks are minimized through careful planning before surgery using x-rays and a CT scan, so any nerves and blood vessels are avoided while placing the implants.