All You Need to Know About Dental Implants and Bone Grafting


Dental implants and bone grafting have helped many people achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. However, there’s still plenty of confusion surrounding these two dental procedures, as well as their similarities and differences, which are both fairly significant. Here are the most important things you need to know about dental implants Melbourne and bone grafting

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a very effective solution for replacing missing teeth. They’re made of titanium, which is strong enough to hold up well in your mouth, yet light enough that it won’t be uncomfortably heavy when you have one or more installed. The crowns will be attached directly to your natural teeth or dentures.

Many people choose dental implants because they last longer than other tooth replacement solutions and they don’t need as much work on the part of the dentist to attach them. Some people also find them less invasive than traditional methods like bridges and dentures. Also, dental implants cost Melbourne is affordable and some clinics even offer flexible payment plans with less or no interest.

What Is Bone Graft And Who Needs It?

The word graft can be quite confusing, but it essentially refers to any tissue taken from one part of a body and transplanted into another. The most common type of bone graft is when doctors take a piece of bone from elsewhere in your body (typically, your hip or back) and place it in your mouth as a tooth-replacement method.

There are many reasons why a patient might need this procedure. Sometimes the patient’s own jawbone has been severely damaged by radiation treatments for cancer, for example, or their teeth have suffered an injury that may lead to an infection if not corrected. Your dentist will know what kind of treatment is best for you. However, bone grafting is an additional procedure and the price will be added to the final dental implants Melbourne cost.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

As with any surgery, there is some recovery time involved with dental implants. The implants themselves take about a week to set into your mouth. Most people are able to resume their normal eating routine within a couple of days after dental implant surgery, but it can take up to six weeks for your body to fully heal from a surgical procedure of any kind. Make sure you follow all instructions given by your dentist or oral surgeon during recovery so that you will be as comfortable as possible during your healing process.


The dental implants cost Melbourne can range vary from one patient to another. That doesn’t include taking time off work for multiple appointments, which can run you an additional $1,500 or more (billing rates vary). It’s important to note that not all insurance providers cover implants. You may also want to consider having your dentist perform bone grafting first to see if that eliminates some of your tooth loss issues before moving on to an implant.

For further queries on dental implants and know whether you’re are a suitable candidate to receive dental implants or not, please get in touch with our dentist.