Is it Necessary to Replace a Missing Tooth?

Do you know each tooth plays a vital role? Yes, all teeth are important because they help you to chew and grind food, show off your smile, and speak clearly. Besides, our teeth also play a crucial role in the structure of the mouth and in relation to the other teeth. A gap in your smile can have serious consequences. That is why it is essential to replace a missing tooth with dental implants in Melbourne.

Aesthetically, missing a tooth is not fun, as it can make you feel uncomfortable and embarrassing. Aside from lacking elegance, missing teeth can be detrimental to your oral health as well. This is one of the significant reasons to replace the tooth with dentures, bridges, or tooth implants in Melbourne. The dentist will discuss the options that best suit your needs, and choosing not to replace your missing teeth is not an ideal choice.

Now, let’s take a look at why replacing lost or badly damaged teeth are important:


A gap in your smile can definitely be embarrassing. Yes, even a single missing tooth can take an emotional toll on you. In varying degrees, we are all concerned about the appearance and it eventually affects the confidence as well. You may start hiding your smile while socialising and it can lead to depression and loss of confidence, which in turn may affect your work and personal life. It is believed that dental implants are effective in boosting a patient’s morale and overall confidence than other teeth replacement options like dentures and bridges.

Since there is no externally visible difference between a replaced tooth and a natural one after the procedure, it does actually affect physical appearance positively. So, it is no wonder dental implants price Melbourne is higher than other teeth replacement options.

Oral health

When a tooth is missing, the balance of the entire dental structure is disturbed. The gap left by the lost tooth allows for the remaining teeth to tilt and shift as a result of normal chewing activity. This, in turn, leads to several oral issues down the line, especially if the distorted structure of the teeth interferes with the chewing abilities. Over time, you may lose multiple teeth and bone, which can make you look older than your age.

TMJ disorder

The muscles on the side of the head that help to chew are called temporomandibular joints. When a tooth is missing, the chewing patterns may change and build pressure on these muscles and can result in pain. Failure to replace a missing tooth with dental implants in Melbourne can result in TMJ disorder. Although TMJ disorder can be diagnosed and treated, the best treatment is prevention.

If you have a missing tooth, consult with your dentist about teeth replacement options.

Why Dental Implants are a Great Option?

dental implants in MelbourneA missing tooth can be painful, embarrassing, and lead to several oral issues. Unrivalled in durability and strength, the dental implants help restore the look and function of a missing tooth.

So, why are dental implants such a great option? Come on let’s find out.

  • You can replace any number of teeth!
  • With dental implants, you can replace all your teeth. Yes, even if you have lost entire arch, you can replace it with dental implants in Melbourne. As the implant is inserted to the jawbone, they provide a sturdy foundation to hold a single crown or bridge or even support an entire full denture.

    The implant-retained denture provides the advantage of being non-removable so that patients will enjoy more natural results which is much better than traditional removable dentures.

  • Dental implants are extremely strong!
  • While dentures and bridges rely on the gums and neighbouring teeth to be supported, tooth implants in Melbourne are anchored directly into the jawbone. In addition to making them virtually indistinguishable from the natural teeth, implants also provide the replacement teeth with a much stronger hold. So, patients can speak, eat, and smile confidently without having to worry about it may slip.

  • Dental implants can last longer!
  • Well maintained dental implants can last longer as long as you live. Moreover, compared to dentures and bridges, implants success rate is high, and they offer the most durable, secure, and natural-looking results. When dental implants are placed by highly experienced implant dentist or an oral surgeon, they can last more than 30 years.

  • Dental implants improve facial and bone features!
  • Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants in Melbourne preserve natural tooth tissue by avoiding the need to cut down the adjacent teeth. They also help preserve jawbone tissue and significantly reduce bone deterioration that results in loss of jawbone.

    Now, let’s take a closer look at three primary parts of dental implants that makes dental implants a terrific option.

  • The Implant:
  • Implants are made of a titanium material which is a bio-grade screw that does not have any side effects. As it is a biodegradable material once it is inserted into the gum, it naturally fuses with the jawbone through the process called osseointegration. This is the primary reason why dental implants are the most durable solution for a missing tooth.

  • The Abutment:
  • The abutment is a small portion that is attached to the implants once the osseointegration process has been completed. It is screwed into the implant fixture and holds the dental work.

  • The Prosthesis:
  • The prosthesis is the artificial teeth that are attached to the implants. A crown or bridge is cemented or screwed into the abutment.

    Hope now you are clear why dental implants are a great option, and this is why dental implants cost in Melbourne are bit high than other restorative options. While they are not an affordable solution, dental implants are the most durable and permanent solution for a missing tooth. Do not consider the price; think about the long-term benefits they provide.

The Best solution for Missing tooth – Dental Implants in Melbourne

Missing tooth - Dental ImplantsWhen you need to replace the missing tooth or cavity tooth, you have two options: one is traditional bridgework and another is to select the newer option of dental implant. Both offer a perfect solution; however there’s a lot of difference in it. Dental implants in Melbourne treatment is a lifetime solution but here in traditional bridgework, it gives the appearance you need.. Hope you got the point! Here let me discuss about the one which is now in your mind.

Why dental implants work so well

You might have heard a lot about dental implant, but here I will tell you what you don’t know, and what you should know! Dental implant is the life saver of an attractive smile. It resort your smile plus improve the appearance.

“Dental Implant = implant + abutment + crown”

There are totally 3 steps to complete the dental implant treatment.

  • First the dentist will remove your damaged teeth and then your jawbone will be prepared to place a dental implant.
  • After the healing process, the oral surgeon will place the abutment
  • The final stage of the treatment is dental crown.

But these processes will takes three months to nine months to heal and for the growth of new bone in your jaw.

Things to Avoid After the Surgery

  • Smoking
  • Carbonated beverages and very hot foods or drinks

Things to do After the Surgery

  • Do not disturb the surgical area today.
  • Start rinsing your mouth with warm salt water.
  • Limit your physical activity following surgery.
  • Keep lips moist with cream or Vaseline to prevent cracking.
  • Take prescription medications as directed.
  • Eat only soft foods for several days, always trying to chew on the opposite side.

Foods You Need To Follow after the Surgery

  • Take juice, water, milk, coffee and tea.
  • Consider cooked cereals, such as oatmeal or cream of wheat, yogurt.
  • Scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, apple sauce
  • Home cooked broth, bouillon, soups.
  • Macaroni and cheese, soft bread, baked or mashed potatoes.
  • Jell-O, puddings, pound cake, milkshakes, ice cream.
  • Ground beef, baked or broiled fish, broiled or stewed chicken

Final Recap

Implant, abutment and crown will work to look like a natural tooth and make sure that there are no problems. What you have to do is to visit your dentist and discuss the details on tooth implants in Melbourne.

Does tooth implant in Melbourne last long? Then, the answer is Absolutely YES, like the natural teeth, the implant teeth won’t get affected by decay or anything. You need maintain your dental implants like your natural teeth. The success rate depends on how you maintain your teeth. So do check-ups, cleaning and home care and get the long lasting teeth and smile.