Is it Necessary to Replace a Missing Tooth?


Do you know each tooth plays a vital role? Yes, all teeth are important because they help you to chew and grind food, show off your smile, and speak clearly. Besides, our teeth also play a crucial role in the structure of the mouth and in relation to the other teeth. A gap in your smile can have serious consequences. That is why it is essential to replace a missing tooth with dental implants in Melbourne.

Aesthetically, missing a tooth is not fun, as it can make you feel uncomfortable and embarrassing. Aside from lacking elegance, missing teeth can be detrimental to your oral health as well. This is one of the significant reasons to replace the tooth with dentures, bridges, or tooth implants in Melbourne. The dentist will discuss the options that best suit your needs, and choosing not to replace your missing teeth is not an ideal choice.

Now, let’s take a look at why replacing lost or badly damaged teeth are important:


A gap in your smile can definitely be embarrassing. Yes, even a single missing tooth can take an emotional toll on you. In varying degrees, we are all concerned about the appearance and it eventually affects the confidence as well. You may start hiding your smile while socialising and it can lead to depression and loss of confidence, which in turn may affect your work and personal life. It is believed that dental implants are effective in boosting a patient’s morale and overall confidence than other teeth replacement options like dentures and bridges.

Since there is no externally visible difference between a replaced tooth and a natural one after the procedure, it does actually affect physical appearance positively. So, it is no wonder dental implants price Melbourne is higher than other teeth replacement options.

Oral health

When a tooth is missing, the balance of the entire dental structure is disturbed. The gap left by the lost tooth allows for the remaining teeth to tilt and shift as a result of normal chewing activity. This, in turn, leads to several oral issues down the line, especially if the distorted structure of the teeth interferes with the chewing abilities. Over time, you may lose multiple teeth and bone, which can make you look older than your age.

TMJ disorder

The muscles on the side of the head that help to chew are called temporomandibular joints. When a tooth is missing, the chewing patterns may change and build pressure on these muscles and can result in pain. Failure to replace a missing tooth with dental implants in Melbourne can result in TMJ disorder. Although TMJ disorder can be diagnosed and treated, the best treatment is prevention.

If you have a missing tooth, consult with your dentist about teeth replacement options.