Got Dental Implants? Follow these 5 Tips to Recover Fast

Missing teeth is a common problem that so many people deal with, and it can happen due to a variety of reasons including accidents or dental health problems. Losing one or more tooth not just give out a weird appearance to your smile, but it also affects your health. This is when dental implants are very helpful. Dental implant price in Melbourne is reasonable and the treatment is quite effective, but in order to make the procedure successful, you must follow the guidance and instructions provided by a dental expert. Make the recovery process easier by following these tips:

Follow the Medications:

Following the medications prescribed by your dental expert is imperative to make sure the recovery or healing happens fast. You could experience pain and discomfort throughout recovery, which is why your dentist suggests over-the-counter painkillers that make the experience less stressful.

Pain management is also possible with the application of ice packs on your face. Ice packs can also reduce swelling. All you have to do is wrap a few ice cubes in a cloth and apply on your cheek for nearly 20 minutes. Take a break of another 20 minutes before you reapply the ice pack.

Never Use Straws:

Dental experts strongly suggest that you shouldn’t use straws when you consume liquid diet during recovery. Using straws will exert pressure on the surgical site and result in dry sockets, which is painful and hard to treat. Therefore, sip your drinks and make sure to stay hydrated for the healing process to be effective. Speaking of liquid diet, do not consume sugary or alcoholic beverages. Opt for nutritious fruit drinks instead.

Don’t Smoke or Use Tobacco:

This is yet another important tip you must follow after getting tooth implant in Melbourne. Usage of cigarettes or tobacco products can hinder your recovery. You already know that smoking is detrimental to your health. The recovery period after getting dental implants is the perfect time to break this habit. Smoking not just slows down the healing process, but it can also dislodge the blood clots due to the sucking action.

Follow a Soft Diet:

Dental experts advise you to follow a soft diet, because it limits chewing. You’re not supposed to disturb the surgical site, so it’s important that you choose nutritious soft foods. Soft diet is not boring because it does include a lot of your tasty favourites including yoghurt, soup, scrambled eggs, smoothies, pudding, applesauce, and more.

Good Dental Care:

It goes without saying that maintaining good oral hygiene facilitates the recovery of tooth implant Melbourne. Remember that you’re not supposed to brush or floss your teeth right after the surgery. When brushing or flossing is not possible, you can slowly rinse your mouth using a good mouthwash for eliminating bacteria. And never spit water after rinsing. Just open your mouth and let it fall out.

Following these tips will certainly help you to get back to your routine activities at the earliest time possible. If you’d like to know about the cost of dental implants in Melbourne or anything else, contact a dental professional today.

Tips to Speedup Dental Implants Recovery Process

When a tooth is lost, one of the most successful ways to replace it is with dental implants in Melbourne. Dental implants provide patients with teeth that are gorgeous, natural-looking, and totally functional, much like natural teeth. Patients must, however, take care of their new teeth as well as their existing teeth to avoid future problems. The dentist will provide the necessary guidance, discuss about the dental implants Melbourne prices and will keep an eye on the patient at all times. Five critical aftercare suggestions for people who have had dental implants are discussed in this article. This will ensure a quick and pain-free recovery.

Maintain a Healthy Mouth

Swishing saline water in the mouth for a few seconds can be quite useful in keeping the mouth clean and free of microorganisms. It is preferable not to violently swish the water. Patients should instead hold the water in their mouth for a few seconds. This will hasten the patient’s recuperation while also complementing his or her other oral hygiene efforts.

Hot Foods and Beverages Should Be Avoided

Hot drinks and meals can irritate the sensitive tissues of the mouth, especially since sensitivity is sometimes momentarily diminished after anaesthesia administration. Furthermore, because the gums require time to heal following dental implant surgery, patients should avoid hot foods and beverages to reduce stress on the tissues. Patients should drink more cold water, because it speeds up the recovery of the treated area and gives relief.

Pay Close Attention to Every Reaction

The dentist would advise the patient to expect minimal swelling, which can be treated with an ice pack applied to the afflicted area. Over-the-counter pain relievers are usually effective for any type of discomfort, and the dentist will advise you on which medications to use. The most important thing is to pay attention to your body and keep an eye on every reaction. If the body behaves differently than the dentist predicted, you should seek advice or treatment from the dentist as soon as possible.

Brushing Too Aggressively Should Be Avoided

The gums around the dental implant will be uncomfortable and sensitive for the first few days after surgery. Brushing is necessary, however patients must wait a few days before brushing near the dental implants. A soft-bristled toothbrush is preferable to avoid damaging the treated region. Brushing should be done gently and carefully.

Gradually Introduce Solid Foods

For a few days after undergoing dental implants in Melbourne, it may be difficult to chew solid foods. Patients can gradually begin to include solid meals into their diet once normal dental function has returned. To achieve total healing, brushing and washing the mouth after each meal is required. If you need any clarification on dental implants cost in Melbourne, you can contact Dental Implant Professionals.

5 Benefits of Dental Implants

It’s never easy when you lose one or more of your teeth, but dental implants can make it much easier to deal with. The dental implants in Melbourne offer several benefits, including the following five.

1) Improves Overall Health

Despite what you might think, there’s more to dental implants than just looks. While your teeth are vital for chewing and speaking, they also play a role in improving your overall health. For example, natural teeth are connected to your body via nerves, which can be compromised by tooth loss. By replacing missing teeth with dental implants, you help prevent damage to these nerves—which means fewer side effects over time. But don’t take our word for it; talk to an dental implants in Melbourne about how dental implants could improve your overall health!

2) Prevents Tooth Decay

Once your tooth is gone, it’s difficult to find a way to prevent further decay in that area. This can lead to further loss in bone density and gum recession. A dental implant can help prevent you from getting cavities in areas where there aren’t teeth anymore. Even if you have implants in place, it’s important to brush and floss regularly so that plaque doesn’t build up around your gums or on top of your implants. You should also have regular dental checkups so that doctors can catch any problems before they get too serious.

3) Increases Confidence

Having a full set of teeth can help boost your confidence and self-esteem, particularly if you were not able to chew certain foods prior to getting implants. There’s something about having a full set of teeth that brings out your best. With implants, you won’t have to miss out on any food types and can indulge in whatever you like without any concerns. Many people discover that their quality of life improves dramatically once they get dental implants because they aren’t dealing with pain or embarrassment due to missing teeth.

4) Keeps Natural Teeth Healthy

This is one of those benefits that may not be obvious, but it’s still very important. When you get dental implants, your gums and jawbone will be stimulated to form new tissue. This means that you’ll end up with healthier teeth even if they aren’t implants! Additionally, because implants are anchored into your jawbone, there is no need for gum surgery—and therefore no added risk of complications.

5) Is Affordable

One of the main benefits of dental implants is that dental implants Melbourne prices will be affordable compared to other options in long run, such as bridges and dentures. The cost to get a dental implant is generally much lower than other types of restorations in long run. In many cases, a patient can have a brand new smile for under $2, 850. In addition to being less expensive, implants don’t have any negative effects on long-term health since they are made from biocompatible titanium.


So, are you looking to have dental implant and fix your smile? Consider choosing the dental clinic like Dental Implant Professionals! At Dental Implant Professionals, the dental implants cost in Melbourne will be affordable and you will receive quality treatment.

5 Ways Dental Implants Resolve Your Dental Problems

Dental implants are a form of prosthetic tooth replacement used by millions of people around the world. Dental implants in Melbourne Australia are quite popular since they securely bond with your jawbone to restore your smile. They not only replicate the appearance of a real tooth, but also work similarly to one. Here are five problems that dental implants can help with.

Missing Teeth:

A missing tooth is a widespread defect that occurs for a variety of reasons. It might be as a result of an accident, cavities, poor overall dental hygiene, or bad lifestyle choices. Regardless, the loss of teeth may put your physical and emotional health at risk. If the rest of your teeth are in good shape, you can get help from a certified dentist offering dental implants in Melbourne Australia. This will reduce the chances of other dental problems showing up in the future.

Sunken Face:

If you have a sunken face, your jaw and gums may be damaged. Consult with a dentist as soon as possible. Jaw damage is typically the result of accidents or infections, which exacerbate the structure of your face and mouth. Most dental implants are made of a biocompatible material – Titanium – that helps to restore your jawbone’s structure. Once the jawbone density is adequately restored, you will see a noticeable improvement in your facial structure as well.

Damaged Tooth:

When a tooth is cracked or fractured, the nerve endings are exposed, resulting in discomfort. This also raises the risk of dental disease and infections. If the damage to your teeth is too significant, dental implants will be your best option. Talk to a dentist and they will know what must be done.

Your Dentures aren’t as Effective:

Denture attachments might pinch or scratch against the gums for some people. This will be unpleasant for the user, especially when eating food. Affordable dental implants in Melbourne, on the other hand, are made after analysing your bite pattern, and their size and shape will perfectly fit you. As a result, you won’t have any difficulty chewing or talking after the dental implants are placed in your mouth.

Unable to Eat or Speak Properly:

If you are in excruciating pain or discomfort to the point that you are unable to eat or talk, you must contact a professional right away. Dental implants are an excellent method for restoring your teeth’s functionality. You will be able to talk, laugh, and chew better than ever after getting dental implants.

Dental implants may assist you with some of the most challenging issues associated with missing teeth. These are only a few of the difficult problems that dental implant treatment can easily cure for you. If you’d like to know more about the treatment or the cost of dental implants in Melbourne, get in touch with an expert dentist as soon as possible.

Taking Care of Dental Implants – 5 Things to Remember

You should be feeling excited about replacing your missing tooth with dental implants. Your investment will be worth it, since dental implants can improve your health and overall life in a great way. Dental implants have restored the smiles of millions of people around the world. They feel highly satisfied, considering the reasonable dental implants cost in Melbourne. However, it is imperative that you take good care of your dental implants to reap the rewards it offers. Follow these tips from the experts to keep your dental implants in good shape:

Use only a soft toothbrush:

Once you get dental implants, make sure that you switch to a soft toothbrush. These brushes will have bristles that are gentle on your dental implants. A hard toothbrush can likely scratch the surface of your implants and damage them. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day every day, but use a soft brush when doing so.

Avoid hard and sticky foods:

Eating hard and sticky foods on a regular basis can possibly damage your dental implants. These foods can generally impact your oral health as well. Some examples include caramel, ice, hard candies, dried fruit, crusty bread, potato chips, hard shell tacos, and more. Even though you’re not restricted from these foods, minimising the consumption can keep your affordable dental implants Melbourne healthy.

Stay away from smoking and drinking:

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is detrimental to your overall health, per multiple studies. Therefore, it is obvious that it can impact your dental implants as well. Dental implants usually take a few months to completely heal after the surgery. Experts advise you to refrain from smoking and drinking during recovery, so that the healing process won’t be affected. Giving up on these poor lifestyle habits will enhance both your oral and overall health.

Visit your dental expert regularly:

Regular dental check-ups are necessary to maintain your dental implants as well as your oral health. Book an appointment with your dentist at least twice every year, so that they can look into your dental condition and help prevent any issues. The dental implants Melbourne cost is pretty good when it comes to their durability and longevity. And with good care and guidance from a dental expert, your dental implants will last for decades.

Flossing is highly important:

Yes, you might already know that brushing and flossing is necessary to maintain your oral health. However, not everyone is committed to flossing their teeth on a daily basis. Flossing is particularly important when you have dental implants. Plaque can easily formulate around your implants, which will further affect your oral health. You can get flosses that are specifically designed for dental implants, so things will be a lot easier for you.

Following these simple tips about can help maintain your dental implants in the long term. If you have any questions about the dental implants cost in Melbourne or the procedure in general, talk to a dental professional today.

How Dental Implants Improve Your Quality of Life

Missing teeth can be a concern for both your oral and overall health. There are several reasons that contribute to the loss of teeth. It’s highly important to replace your missing teeth as soon as possible. This can help prevent shifting of the adjacent teeth and other problems. Dental implants in Melbourne are considered one of the most effective tooth replacement solutions out there. They not just successfully replace a missing tooth, but also improves your health in many ways. Here’s how:

Prevents cavities:

When you lose one or more teeth, it creates an empty space in your mouth. The surrounding tooth will then slowly shift towards this void space over time, which will increase the chances of tooth decay. Crooked teeth can easily lead to plaque and bacteria build-up in several spots, which will result in cavities. Filling this space with dental implants will help.

Eliminates tooth loss:

Every single tooth in your mouth is supported by its roots as well as the surrounding teeth. So, when you lose one tooth, it can impact the health of the adjacent tooth as well. Missing tooth will cause more teeth to shift, loosen, and fall out, so placing dental implants Melbourne is the ideal solution to prevent further tooth loss. When dental implants work like your natural teeth, your oral health is restored.

Better speech:

Having missing teeth can make it difficult for you to speak and pronounce specific words. Even when you use dentures, it can change the way you talk. Once you place dental implants along with a replacement tooth, you will be able to talk naturally. This gives you a great peace of mind, especially when you’re about to attend a social event.

Enhanced nutrition:

Tooth replacement sometimes can be tricky because you will have to make certain diet sacrifices for the treatment to be successful. Not with dental implants! Once you are fully recovered after the surgery, dental implants allow you to eat all your favourite foods. This means that you won’t have to avoid specific foods that provides great health benefits to your body. Even better, when you receive enough nutrients and vitamins, it supports your jaw bone and oral health in general.

More confidence:

So many patients feel confident about themselves with the use of cheap dental implants in Melbourne. Dental implants appear just like your natural teeth, so no one will ever know that you are actually using them. Besides resolving your missing tooth problems, implants work like your natural teeth. Just smile wholeheartedly!

Dental implants boost your oral health as well as your self-esteem. When you invest in quality dental implants, you can use them for several years with minimal maintenance. Get in touch with a dental expert to know the dental implants cost in Melbourne and be ready to show off a great smile!

Dental Implants Recovery Guide

How long do dental implants take to heal? While the recovery after receiving implants can take four months for a complete recovery, it can vary from one patient to another based on several factors, including the dental and overall health of the patient. See, each case is different, and no two patients are exactly the same and their dental health.

So, What Factors Contribute To The Recovery Of Dental Implants Melbourne?

In most cases, the dentist can place an implant and place a temporary crown on the same day. This eliminates the downtime. But, the recovery of implants depends on several factors like the number of teeth replacements, location of the implants, additional procedures like bone graft and tooth extraction. In case if you need a bone graft or soft tissue grafting procedure, the healing period is longer. If the incision is required, it will have to be healed.

The cheap dental implants Melbourne are inserted into the jawbone and allowed to fuse with the jawbone naturally through a process called osseointegration. This, in turn, forms a sturdy foundation to hold the replacement tooth in place. So, the natural fusing process can take time to heal.

It is important to follow the post-operative care instructions and take medicines properly after the procedure to recover quickly. Failing to do so can delay the healing process but also leads to certain oral complications like infection and inflammation.

All of these factors can greatly influence the recovery period of dental implants procedure.

How to Take Care of Your Dental Implants Melbourne?

It is crucial to maintain good oral hygiene while you are recovering to keep inflammation and infection causing bacteria at bay. The first 24hours after the procedure is crucial. It will be helpful to rinse out your mouth with a warm water solution to keep bacteria at bay. Stick to soft diet and drinks. Don’t take anything that’s too hot or cold as it might dislodge the blood clot. Blood clot helps to aid recovery. After 24 hours, you can begin to brush your teeth again gently. Take medications that have been prescribed by your dentist to recover quickly.

When Can You Resume Regular Activity?

While some patients are able to return to work the same day, others might need more time. However, do what comforts you rather than forcing yourself. You will be completely fine after the procedure. But, avoid any strenuous activity until 3 days have passed.

For more queries on dental implants recovery or dental implants cost Melbourne, please get in touch with us. We are happy to help you with all your needs.

Here Are A Few Good Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

So you are struggling with missing teeth that haven’t been replaced for a long time. Well, you aren’t alone. Tooth loss has more serious consequences than you would imagine. Missing teeth isn’t only detrimental to your aesthetic appearance but also your dental health. That’s why dentists recommend not to ignore missing teeth and recommend replacing them as early as possible.

When it comes to teeth replacement, dental implants are considered as the state-of-art option. But, it’s the cost of dental implants Melbourne keeps people hindering people from getting this treatment. Dental implants have revolutionised the dentistry, and there’s no better option. The cost of dental implants are high for good reasons. Take a look at the reasons why you need to opt for Cheap dental implants over other options:-

Natural Solution

Your natural teeth have roots that help to hold the teeth in place and support the jawbone. Similarly, implant teeth act like root of the new prosthetic tooth. In fact, the dental implant is the only teeth replacement option that replaces both root and crown part of missing teeth. This is because dental implants are made of titanium and allowed to fuse with the jawbone naturally through a process called oseointegration to form a sturdy foundation to hold the replacement teeth. Once you receive dental implants, it look, function, and feel like natural teeth. That’s the magic of dental implants.


Since dental implants are fused with the jawbone, they last for a long time with proper maintenance. They don’t get decayed or infected over time. In fact, affordable dental implants Melbourne provide a permanent solution to tooth loss. However, it’s essential to take care of your dental implants like you would to natural teeth.

Preserve Bone

Dentures can literally deteriorate jawbone as they are fixed with the support of jawbones. Not to mention that the bone loss inevitably follows after tooth loss. Bone is a living tissue that needs constant stimulation to rebuild and stay healthy.  With the jawbone, the stimulation comes from the teeth. When bone starts to deteriorate, it can give your face a prematurely aged appearance, leaving your jaw prone to fractures if left untreated. Dental implants can preserve the jawbone as the bone is stimulated.

As you see, dental implants are priced highly for these good reasons. So, don’t hesitate to replace your missing teeth with affordable dental implants Melbourne. Please get in touch with us for further queries.

How Can Missing Teeth Harm Your Dental Health?

Should I replace my missing teeth? What can happen if I don’t? These are the questions we are being asked frequently by our patients who walk into our clinic for a consultation. If you are one among them wondering whether or not to replace your missing teeth, this blog has got the answers you are looking for your problems.

See, apart from unsightly and embarrassing, missing teeth can cause serious complications far more than a self-conscious smile. Whether you have lost your teeth due to an injury and gum disease or dental decay and poor oral hygiene, it’s imperative to replace the missing teeth as early as possible. The consequences of missing teeth are more serious than you imagine.

So, How Missing Teeth Affect Your Dental Health?

Bone loss

Your body relies on the health of your bones, so do your teeth. Having strong and healthy bones are crucial for supporting teeth and gums. Whenever you chew, it helps stimulate and support the jawbone, just like exercise would help maintain the muscle. So, you probably could imagine what could possibly happen when there is a missing tooth. Missing tooth can cause bone loss as there is no more stimulation from the tooth. Over time, the void space will lead to the bone deterioration in that particular place. As result, it could weaken the surrounding teeth, impacting your oral health.

Increase the Risk of Losing More Teeth

As said above, a void space can weaken the other teeth. Moreover, other teeth try to move into the void space left by the missing tooth, leading to teeth shifting and crowding. When this happens, cleaning becomes challenging and the chances of developing gum infection and dental decay are high. According to a recent study, when a lost tooth isn’t replaced, it increases the risk of losing more teeth by 30%.

Gum Disease

Missing teeth can promote gum disease. The space left by lost tooth becomes an accessible gateway for bacteria to enter your gums, causing gum infection, inflammation, and bleeding.

What Are My Options To Replace Missing Teeth?

There are several options to replace teeth. Of all those, dental implants are the best choice as they are permanent solution for your missing tooth. Dental implants are screw shaped structure made of titanium. They are anchored into your jawbone and allowed to fuse with the jawbone naturally through a process called osseointegration to form a sturdy foundation to hold the replacement teeth in place. Finally, you will receive the replacement tooth. Dental implants Melbourne prices are expensive than other teeth replacement options as they provide a plethora of benefits.

If you couldn’t afford for dental implants Melbourne cost, you could opt for our payment plants which are available at less or no interest at all. See, when it comes to dental health, Dental implant price shouldn’t be a major concern as they are priced high for several good reasons. For more details about our dental implants Melbourne prices, please get in touch with us. We would be happy to assist you with any queries and concerns.

Lost your teeth? Dentures or implants what’s right for you

A beautiful smile is a reward each one of us owns to makes an everlasting impact! Losing your teeth due to an injury, infection, or decay can be painful. More than pain, the embarrassment in front of your peers will make you feel more worried. You are not forced to live with a hole in your jaws forever! State-of-the-art dentistry has made it simpler than ever to restore a lost or damaged tooth with restorations that function and look natural. Affordable dental implants Melbourne referred to as a golden standard of teeth substitute, are available for you. 

However, if you consider both dental implants and bridges, let us assist you to know the difference and pick the best.

Dental Implants:

To better understand, the shape of your natural teeth you see above your gum line is just half of your tooth, while the other half is the root embedded into the jawbone. Therefore with every chewing motion, your jaw and teeth work together, and this interplay is what keeps your mouth healthful. When it is lost, there are possibilities for the jawbone to deteriorate in the area of the lost root.

The cost of dental implants Melbourne is reasonable, and they bond with your bones through a process called osseointegration. The titanium screw acting as the tooth root will serve as the adjunct point for bone rebuilding.

If your bone is not dense enough to hold the screw, the dentist will advise bone grafting. Thereby with regular chewing action, your bone gets regularly stimulated, thus keeping it firm and thick.


Conversely, a denture has nothing to do with your jaw bone. They will be positioned over the jawline and will not stimulate your bone. So as time goes by, due to lack of stimulation, the jawbone will start to deteriorate, leaving you with a sunken facial look visibly seen when the dentures are removed.

Dental implants will perfect your smile!

Do you know? 69%of the population aged 35to 44 have lost at least one permanent teeth. One of the most obvious problems everyone encounters with tooth loss is the incomplete smile. Whether it’s your first teeth or molars lost, you will feel shy even to talk and laugh freely. 

Affordable dental implants Melbourne, as they look so natural, will help you flaunt a broad smile, and unlike dentures, you don’t have to feel cautious that they may fall continually. Implants are permanently fixed in your mouth.

Don’t be misguided anywhere! Cheap dental implants are always your right choice that will prevent your jawbone from stimulating it further, giving you a permanent complete smile.