Why should you prefer Implants for tooth replacement? Find out here!


Teeth implants are the first choice for everyone needing to replace their teeth. Dentures were once most demanded until teeth implants were introduced. Here are few reasons that state why implants are better than dentures.

1. The goodness of feeling natural: Teeth implants, though artificially made, looks and feels very natural just like your normal teeth. They even function as natural teeth without causing any discomfort as dentures does.

2. Lasts REALLY long: Teeth implants are built to last, possibly more than 10 years when maintained well. Traditional options such as dental bridges would last only seven years or less.

3. Safety for jawbone: When you have missing tooth, it can stimulate other health issues such as deterioration of some parts of your jawbone. As the jawbone deteriorates, it will gradually lose its strength. Hence, teeth implant is the perfect option to secure your jawbone.

4. Goodbye Cavities: Thanks to tooth implants, cavities do not occur as in natural tooth, but be informed that you’ll have to maintain it regularly and visit your dentist for check-ups.

5. Easy Adaptation: Denture users, have you ever felt any discomfort while making conversations or munching on your favourite food? With teeth implants, that will never be a problem. Being functional as natural teeth, they don’t cause any trouble or pain while speaking or eating.

6. Discover a new you! A face with no teeth can be embarrassing for anyone. With dental implants, you can retain your natural smile and appearance.

These are some of the reasons why teeth implants are preferable over other tooth replacement options. Visit your dentist today and opt for tooth implants to lead a happy life.