What Makes The Difference Between Single And Multiple Tooth Implants?

Single And Multiple Tooth ImplantsExasperated about your missed tooth? There are many solutions to restore your gorgeous smile. One of the perfect solutions is, the Dental implants! They help in the restoration of your original look by offering both single and multiple implant techniques!

What Makes The Difference?

For a single tooth restoration, dental implants get placed in the gap of your tooth. Within one or two months, the implants easily fuse with your jawbone and get prepared to support a single dental crown. Whereas, for multiple teeth restoration, implants help by supporting fixture of a bridge or a denture. They also easily get fused with your jawbone. Dental implants cost in Melbourne is reasonable with high-quality treatment techniques!

Single Dental Implant:

When a patient loses a single tooth, whether it may be of massive decay or gum infection or may be injured during sports, a single dental implant is followed to fill the gap. During the single dental implant technique, the dentist fixes a tiny implant post into the jawbone at the place of a missing tooth. Once the bone and gums fuse together, dentist fixes a crown to the topside of the implant post which fills the gap between the teeth.

Multiple Dental Implants:

When a patient has lost multiple teeth, there is no need of Dental Implant to replace each missing tooth. Dental Implants can offer the base for a row of new teeth. For patients losing many of their teeth, multiple teeth implant procedures are highly beneficial. With modern dental options, implants appear very realistic. They also need distinct care. The cost of dental implants in Melbourne is too affordable with latest treatment techniques.

Why Are Dental Implants Perfect To Choose?

  • Does not spoil the neighbouring tooth.
  • Dental implants support as the base for dentures which also offers both the appearance and function similar to natural teeth.
  • They last lifelong.
  • There is no age restriction to undergo a dental implant surgery.

Who Can Perform The Dental Implant Procedures?

Dental implants could be performed only by licensed specialists who also provide a standard care for the patients. Though implants get surgically placed in the jawbone, dental specialists who frequently execute surgery in the jawbone are the best fit for implant procedures. Specialist dental surgeons offer cheap dental implants in Melbourne they also treat all oral issues which include, removal of tooth and jaw surgeries with high-quality care.

Tips To Follow After Dental Implants:

Take Ample Rest After The Procedure: Persistent activities could increase the risk of bleeding, swelling and other difficulties when the implants begin to heal. It is perfect to rest two days after the surgery.

Limit Alcohol And Avoid The Usage Of Tobacco Products: smoking could weaken your dental implant and even cause tooth decay.

Reduce The Use Of Sugar: high sugar content could increase the chance of tooth decay and other dental issues. Hence limiting sugar helps to retain your implants.

By proper maintenance and regular check-ups, dental implants last for a life time.