What Are the Factors Affecting the Dental Implant Price In Melbourne?


Image by Reto Gerber from Pixabay

The dental implants are the artificial tooth that replaces both the roots and crowns of lost teeth. It is an ideal option, when comparing to other teeth replacement choices, which only restore the visible parts of your natural teeth. The end result of dental implants is long-lasting, stable, and beautiful. And so, the dental implant price in Melbourne you spend for is completely worth. However, if you keep postponing the tooth implant, you will need to pay in extra because of the oral issues associate with it. So, no matter whether you lost a whole row of teeth, or a single tooth, get the dental implant as soon as possible. 

Here are some factors that affect dental implant price in Melbourne.

Number Of Teeth Replacement

The cost of tooth implant in Melbourne depends on the number of replacement tooth you need (dental implant). Yes, the number of replacement teeth will also impact the treatment cost. For multiple teeth dental implant, you will be charged approximately, ranges between $15000 and $90000. And when coming to the cost of 3 tooth bridge for tooth bridge, two implants can cost as low as $3000 and can go as high as $12000. And for single tooth dental implant, the cost will get vary anywhere between $1500 and $7000.

Sedation Dentistry Options

Another most important factor whether the dental implant cost affects is in choosing the sedation dentistry option that you really need. Sedation dentistry options charge several hundred extra dollars. So, based on the sedation you choose that ensure your comfort throughout the dental implant surgery, you will be charged. 

Preparatory Costs

Do your dental implant procedure, also need tissue graft? This will charge you in addition! To prepare your smile for the successful placement of dental implant posts, some patients need a tissue graft. This is because, they will experience significantly diminished soft tissue volume and bone density following tooth loss. Also, if you have decayed or damaged teeth, it is essential to remove the impacted tooth and replace with new natural look teeth.

The Implant Posts

The quality of material you choose for the tooth implant in Melbourne will impact the cost of your dental implant. 

Here is the dental implant price in Melbourne for the material used.

  • The cost of implant fixture= $1500 (Titanium Australian certified and approved)
  • Implant crown =$1350 (Porcelain metal and Zirconia all made in recognised Australian Labs. 
  • Full dental Implant= $2850 (Lifetime lasting proudly made by Australian professionals)

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to have cheap dental implants consider implant insurance plan. To ensure your implant plan fits your budget, discusses the financing options with your dentist. Also, know when you have to make the payment and as in how many sections. Did you know, with dental insurance you can reduce the cost in replacement teeth, dental sedation options, and preparatory treatments? Also, you can cover a percentage of the tooth replacement prosthetics cost with dental insurance! So, you will get a dental implant at affordable prices.