Significant Post-Care Tips to Follow After a Dental Implant Procedure

After a Dental Implant ProcedureDental implant in Melbourne is one of the most desirable cosmetic dental solutions you can opt for your missing tooth. A dental implant is necessary if the tooth is missing in the front or on a visible part of your mouth. This will make you feel embarrassed about your smile if there is a hole in your mouth due the missing tooth.

Around 67% of 14 year olds and 30% of the adults aged between 25 and 33 years suffer from tooth decay, which turns out to be the cause for the tooth removal. Now-a-days more and more Australians are seeking dental work due to many dental problems.

A dental implant offers several sorts of tooth replacement options. The tooth implants in Melbourne is permanent and will feel and function like your real tooth. The tooth implant is quite durable and can last for many years, with sufficient care and maintenance. The dental implant application is usually the most time-consuming dental procedure, since it involves surgery. Because of this, you need to follow some important tips and instructions after a dental implant procedure to avoid complications.

Below are some of the important post-care tips to follow after undergoing a dental implant procedure

  • Bruising and swelling are usually normal after the dental implant procedure. Apply an ice pack on the swollen area for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time, with 20 minutes interval.
  • Avoid eating foods until the local anaesthetic has worn off and make sure you only drink cold beverages. Avoid hot drinks for the first day after the procedure, since it may cause the affected area to bleed. You can return to your normal diet on the instructions of your surgeon.
  • You might experience mild soreness in your mouth for 2, 3 days after your surgery. The pain can be easily managed by taking pain relievers. You need to take the pain relievers regularly for the first 2 days after your surgery.
  • You can clean other teeth as normal with your toothbrush, on the evening of your surgery. However, avoid brushing the surgical site for the first few days. You can start cleaning the surgical area carefully as soon as your pain subsides.
  • The procedure of dental implants may follow the growth of bacteria in your mouth. Killing those bacteria is very important to maintain your dental health. Either you can use a good mouthwash to protect your mouth or take suggestions from your dentist on how to kill those bacteria.
  • You need to keep physical activities to a minimum after your surgery. Exercising and other physically demanding activities may cause some bleeding and throbbing.
  • Avoid smoking, since it gives stain to your teeth and mouth. You should avoid alcohol intake as well.
  • Also, take care not to disturb the surgical area with your tongue or fingers.

Dental implants are the most common procedure to treat a missing tooth and following the above mentioned tips, you can have a quick and infection free healing after your dental implant surgery.