Parameters that determine the cost of Dental Implants


Do you have missing teeth? Dental implant is the perfect solution if you require a replacement. It can be quite perplexing for anyone looking up online for estimates on dental implants. If you’d like to know how cost of dental implants is determined, read on to find out.

1. Number of teeth to be placed: One of the primary and the most important factors considered for estimating cost of dental implants is the number of teeth required to be replaced. More the number of implants, more the cost.

2. Type of Implant chosen: There are several kinds of implants available, which are made from different materials and varied qualities. If you are buying dental implants made of titanium alloy, the price can get higher when compared to mini implants.

3. Usage of Caps: Cap is a device that stays on top of the implant and serves as a base to the crown. Like implants, caps are also made from different materials. Between materials titanium and zirconium, the difference of price is vast. Therefore, it is essential to make sure the total cost of implants includes the price of caps, so as to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

4. Type of Crown: Crowns are used for the purpose of attaching implants properly to the jaw. Some dental services offer temporary crown for the first few days, after which the permanent crown is provided. As different materials goes in the making of various kinds of crowns, prices can vary.

5. Dentist Fee: Again, different dentists might charge you different price for treatments depending on their expertise and experience.

Choose your dental implant wisely. Make sure every element falls in the right place so that the right estimate of dental implants cost is presented to you.