How to Understand Dental Implants Melbourne Cost

dental-implants-melbourne-costA good dental image is a great boost to a happy life. With perfectly shaped teeth, you are more confident of lighting up the room with a dazzling smile. What’s more, you have an upper hand in tough negotiation situations as you can melt your way into the other party’s heart with a glowing smile. If you have a missing tooth, your face loses its shape and with time you will have to contend with accelerated bone loss.

Missing teeth also negatively impact your dietary habits as you are forced to forego some healthy foods. Your mouth is also more susceptible to periodontal disease and these facts make it important to consider a dental implant. This is the most effective tooth replacement procedure and it is highly recommended in restorative dentistry.

Brief Overview on Dental Implants

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) in 2014 decried poor dental care in the country and blamed it on lack of information. Most adults ignore dental visits and only seek attention when it is already too late. If you have a missing tooth/ teeth, it is important to understand everything about this procedure, what it entails, candidates for the procedure and dental implants Melbourne cost.

A dental implant is a permanent replacement for your lost tooth. It is a fixture planted in either in the jaw bone or on top. A titanium post is used as it ossifies into the bone to provide permanent support. The procedure is carried out by a certified dentist using specialized equipment. Before the procedure begins, a thorough evaluation is done to verify you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

Once the titanium post is in place, the dentist will use a connector to attach the custom-design porcelain crown to get your smile back. A dental implant allows you to get back your natural smile and you can now eat any foods you want.

What to Know About Implants Cost

If you are worried about dental implants cost Melbourne it is highly likely you have not talked to your dentist. The alternative to a dental implant is dentures, which are not only uncomfortable but they can also slip out causing you untold embarrassment. It is also important to consider the alternative of not getting the implant; your gums will be more susceptible to debilitating gum disease, which might cost even more to treat.

When determining the cost of your dental procedure, your dentist will first examine the nature of your jaw to determine the best implants to use. If you want an implant to support more than one tooth, it will cost more.

Most dentists package the dental procedure as one to include both the surgery and crown. This is more affordable and you can end up paying only $2,850 for the permanent dental procedure. The benefits of the dental implant far much outweigh the cost and remember you will be averting future oral complications and reclaiming your smile.