Home Care Instructions after Dental Implant Surgery

cost of dental implantsCaring for the teeth that are restored with dental implants is just like caring for your natural teeth. Generally, dental implant cost in Melbourne is affordable for its high quality treatment. Here are some instructions you should follow for the first day of implant surgery…

At the Day of Surgery

Bite down the gauze pack gently which has been placed over your surgical areas and make sure to remain them in the same place. For the first one hour, do not remove that gauze unless the bleeding is not controlled. The packs can be gently removed after an hour. Place enough new gauze over the surgical site for another 30 minutes, if excess bleeding persists.


Take enough bed rest for the first day after surgery. Activities like bending, lifting and etc. will result in increased bleeding, swelling and pain. Be careful while stand up from the lying down position. Avoid exercise for at least 3-4 days.


Oral bleeding represents a little blood and a lot of saliva. Bleeding is normal for all patients after surgery, and it is common to ooze blood for 24-48 hours. If oozing continues for longer period, replace gauze for every 30-45 minutes as per your convenience. If it persists, contact your oral surgeon immediately.

Persistent Bleeding

Bleeding after dental implant surgery should never be more serious. If so, it means that the gauze packs are simply clenched between the teeth and are not exerting pressure on the surgical areas. Hence, try to reposition the gauze pack.

If bleeding persists, try the following factors…

  • Sit upright
  • Use ice packs
  • Avoid physical activity
  • Bite on a moistened tea bag for another half an hour

The tannic acid in the tea leaves helps to stop blood clotting. Still bleeding remains uncontrolled, you can consider visiting your dentist as dental implants cost in Melbourne are affordable.


Most of the oral surgeries are now accompanied by some degree of pain and discomfort. Your dentist will surely prescribe you with all kinds of pain medication pills. If you precede each pill, you can able to manage any sort of discomfort as well as there is also a chance for reducing nausea. Keep in mind that usually most severe pain can remain only for six hours after the local anesthetic wears off; after that your need for medicine will lessen. You must call for a refill, if you are taking large amount of pain medicine at frequent intervals.


For the first few days after surgery, eat nourishing foods like baked potatoes, soup, puddings, yogurt, milkshakes and etc. which can be taken with comfort. Avoid hot foods extremely. It is also best to avoid chewing foods like rice, nuts, popcorn and etc. If you regularly follow nourishment foods for few days after surgery, you will feel better and gain strength. Over the next several days, you can gradually progress to the solid foods.


Swelling is one of the normal occurrences after tooth surgery and it will not exceed 2-3 days after the day of surgery. This can be reduced by using ice cubes or ice bag which should be applied firmly on the cheek adjacent to the surgical area. This should be applied for every 20 minutes during the first 24 hours after surgery. If you have any prescribed medicine to reduce swelling, be sure to take it as directed.

Hope you find these instructions useful. Take good care of your oral health!