Getting Implants? Here’s What You Should Know First


A dental implant is a titanium post, similar to your tooth root, and is placed under your gum line. It is meant to support a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants have emerged as a safe and more efficient alternative to traditional dentures. If you’re new to implants, you might have a few questions. So, here we present you with a few basic facts.

How are dental implants more advantageous than bridges and dentures?

Dental implants, like bridges and dentures are meant to replace missing teeth. If you’re getting a bridge, you’ll have two adjoining teeth filled, but this leaves them vulnerable to decay. Similarly, dentures have problems with fitting well and can also interfere with your ability to taste. But unlike bridges and dentures, implants don’t come with such shortcomings and also last for a long time.

The cost of dental implants

The cost of dental implants can be quite high. Typically, dental implants cost in Melbourne can go up to $5,000 for each tooth. And that’s why it is crucial that you go to a dentist or oral surgeon who has specialised training in it.

The quality of dental implants

Not all dental implants are the same in terms of quality. According to studies, implants made by the original Swedish manufacturer are over 90% more successful than other implants. Additionally, there are newer, generic implants that are available at cheaper rates. But the quality of these hasn’t been fully tested yet. It helps to check with your dentist what type of implant will be used on you.