Dental Implants – Recovery Tips that everyone must know

Dental Implants Recovery TipsDental implants have transformed the lives of many in a positive way. Ever since it was introduced to the field of dentistry, the success rates have surged among patients over the past few years. It takes a great deal of time to recover after dental implant procedure is done and that is why it is useful for any patient to be aware of the following recovery tips:

1. Do not have crunchy, hard foods that requires more chewing. This will impact the surgical site and might initiate bleeding, pain or swelling. Soft foods are recommended.

2. It is important to maintain a good oral hygiene habit after surgery, hence gently brush your teeth and clean your mouth when possible. Ask your dentist for proper brushing techniques to be followed at this time.

3. To prevent infections, rinse your mouth with salt water or mouthwash a couple of times per day. This will also speed up the recovery process and prevent bleeding.

4. Give up alcoholic drinks and smoking of cigarettes. These can impede the recovery process.

5. Do not strain yourself by involving in vigorous activities during the first week.

6. Make regular visits to your dentist. They would assess your progress of recovery and would help you with tips that you can follow for the rest of the period.

The initial weeks immediately after dental implant procedure are very important for recovery. One can expect to have minor bleeding, pains and discomfort during this period and it is completely normal. If you find bleeding, swelling or bruising getting worsened day after day, contact your dentist immediately.