Common Myths about Dental Tourism in Thailand

In the recent years, Thailand seems to have attracted multiple patients who are in need of dental implants. The proximity of Thailand to Australia and the heavily marketed low prices of the treatment seem to be the major factors that have initiated the trend. While dental tourism to Thailand may allow the patient to spend a lesser amount of money towards dental implants, Melbourne-based dental implants centres can be trusted better over quality and reliability factors.

Read on to find out some common myths about availing dental implants treatment in Thailand.

Myth 1

Everyone can save an ample amount of money by availing dental implants from Thailand

Most often patients fail to account in the cost of travel, accommodation and the loss of pay from their current job while considering dental implants from Thailand. A number of travel-related expenses like VISA costs, shopping for travel accessories (you may even need a change of wardrobe as Thailand is much hotter than Melbourne) can eat into the cost savings of the patients. The widely-marketed cost savings of dental implants from Thailand is simple an exaggerated picture used for marketing purposes.

Myth 2:

Availing dental implants from Thailand is simple and stress-free

Travelling to Thailand for dental implants is not as easy as it is marketed to be. When you choose a tooth implants centre in Melbourne, you can be 100% sure about the quality of service and can have direct interactions with experts of the clinic. This helps to ensure that you are in safe hands throughout the treatment process. The same cannot be said about a clinic in Thailand. From finding a good centre to having your first consultation, most elements of the treatment happen online thus leaving perturbed about the course of the treatment.

Myth 3

Thailand has an amazing set of quality standards that surpass other countries in dental treatment.

Melbourne-based dental implants centres are no less in quality of service or expertise of dental implants procedures. The safety factor related to the treatment is highly regarded in any good dental clinic in Australia. Patients availing dental implants in Melbourne can always go back to the dentist in case of any issue and have it fixed in no time. The same cannot be said about a clinic in Thailand. Issues that arise multiple days after dental implant treatment are not uncommon and having your dentist within reach makes the situation so much better.

Myth 4

Visiting Thailand during the off-season can help save some extra dollars

Visiting Thailand for dental implants comes with a cost and this cost may be lowered a little (in terms of cheaper accommodation or flight fares) by travelling during the off-season time. However, off-season times may include other problems like extreme weather, unavailability of popular dentists and so on.

In a nutshell, choosing Thailand over Melbourne-based dental implants centres comes with a definitive set of risks and patients need to be completely aware of all facts before making a choice.