Are Tooth Implants worth using? Here’s our take

Dental implantIf you are someone who has one or more missing teeth, the chances are that you’d have noticed a huge love for tooth implants. Be it dentists or patients, they would give the nod for tooth implants as the solution to resolve missing tooth issues. Despite the fact that the treatment process consume a significant period of time from start till finish, and also involve considerable cost for dental implants, the benefits it imparts to the user can actually outweigh them, thus exemplifying itself as the most reliable tooth replacement option ever. Tooth implants are worth using, the reasons for which are mentioned as under:

1. One significant benefit that must be noted is that they can act as an anchor to the tooth, which works just like your natural teeth. As implants are secured placed into the jawbone, they would remain intact for as long as possible and ensures that the artificial tooth will never fall from your mouth. As an end result, you get a natural looking tooth that is comfortable and easy to use.

2. An alternate option for missing teeth is dental bridge. When undertaking this procedure, the existing teeth will have to be adjusted accordingly to secure the crown. The crown is then used to support the bridge being placed. Further, the replacement tooth is then anchored to the surrounding teeth with the help of a bridge. This can eventually result in damage or develop tooth decay.
On the other hand, dental implants doesn’t require the support of surrounding teeth and also doesn’t interrupt with the neighbouring teeth after being placed. They would remain secure into the jawbone for several years and causes no harm unlike dental bridges.

3. Dentures are another option considered for replacement of missing teeth. While these offer the capability of being removed whenever required, they do not offer the natural look and feel as tooth implants. Dental implants despite placed permanently on your mouth can eliminate such disadvantages and discomforts offered by other tooth replacement options.

4. A major benefit of tooth implants, which must be highlighted is that they do not affect or impact bone health. Tooth implants are made of titanium, which is secured into the jaw bone. The titanium rod used has the ability to stimulate bone growth over time that is healthier and stronger. This also means that the chances of bone loss is also reduced.

5. A natural, good looking smile is an aspect that generates good impression on you by others. Tooth implants also serve the purpose of boosting your confidence, as you get to present a charming smile to others. These artificial tooth also looks identical to natural teeth, which means no one except you knows about using it.

Look for options that can bring down dental implant cost, as the benefits bestowed to you can help pay you back over the course of years.