4 Dental Implant Aftercare Tips


Getting a dental implant surgery done is no small affair. After a strenuous period in your oral surgeon’s chair, you need to take extra care of your oral hygiene over the next few days. Just follow these four aftercare tips, and you’ll be ready to resume your old eating habits in no time.

Dealing with swelling and pain

You’re likely to experience a bit of swelling and bruising after your tooth implant in Melbourne. Swelling can be treated by placing an ice bag against the cheek near your tooth and pressing gently for ten minutes, with twenty minute intervals. You can alleviate tooth pain with the same painkillers you use to treat headaches and sprains, or you can ask your dentist or oral surgeon to prescribe you specific painkillers if necessary. But wait until the anaesthesia wears off before you taking them.


Besides pain and swelling, you might also have occasional bleeding. But don’t worry about this; it’s fairly common for patients to have minor bleeding after teeth implants surgeries in Melbourne. Biting down on a clean piece of cloth over the area of bleeding for about an hour while sitting upright can control your bleeding.

Your food habits

On the first day after your oral surgery, you need to avoid hot food and hot drinks. Also be sure to keep the region around your implant free from the touch of liquid. And most importantly, you must begin eating only after the anaesthesia has worn off fully.

Brushing your teeth

After you get your implant, you can resume brushing your teeth regularly. Using saltwater can help you enhance healing. But avoid touching the area of the surgery for the first couple of days. Then, gradually begin cleaning this area as the tenderness around this area reduces.