What are the advantages of going direct to a Dental prosthetist for your dentures?

Your Dental Prosthetist is a specialist, and will be on hand throughout the manufacturing and fitting process to answer questions and make any necessary adjustments

How long should a set of new Dentures last?

Ideally dentures should be replaced every 10 years. This helps prevent unnecessary damage to your gums and makes adjusting to and fitting new dentures much easier, particularly on the lower gums. Ask your health fund how often they will pay for replacement dentures.

When does a denture need a "Reline"?

Your dentures should be checked by a Dental Prosthetist every two to three years. This will ensure your tissue remains healthy and your denture function remains satisfactory. A reline is used to replace the fitting surface of the denture which basically gives a tighter fitting denture.

Can I do spot repairs on my own denture?

DO NOT try to repair the break with Super Glue as the glue is not only toxic but is very hard to remove and makes rejoining the break cleanly and precisely almost impossible. Keep any teeth that may break off as this may save the cost of replacing that tooth.

What are the advantages of wearing a sports mouthguard?

A mouthguard custom fitted by a dental prosthetist will help prevent tooth loss or injury during contact sport.